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Bob Spitz, “Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child” (Knopf, 2012)

I confess I knew nothing about Julia Child prior to reading Bob Spitz‘s new book. And yet, from the dramatic opening passages through its 500+ pages, Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child (Knopf, 2012) held me captive. How many people,


 2012-11-14  36m

Catherine Higgs, “Chocolate Islands: Cocoa, Slavery, and Colonial Africa” (Ohio University Press, 2012)

With elegant and accessible prose, Catherine Higgs takes us on a journey in Chocolate Islands: Cocoa, Slavery, and Colonial Africa (Ohio University Press, 2012). It is a fascinating voyage fueled by the correspondence of Joseph Burtt,


 2012-11-14  1h12m

Christopher Bush, “Ideographic Modernism: China, Writing, Media” (Oxford UP, 2010)

Orientalism, the ideograph, and media theory grew up together. In Ideographic Modernism: China, Writing, Media (Oxford University Press, 2010), Christopher Bush offers a wonderfully trans-disciplinary account of modernism through the figure of the ideo...


 2012-11-13  1h18m

Declan Hill, “The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime” (McClelland & Stewart, 2010)

Today we are talking to Declan Hill about his new book The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime (McClelland & Stewart, 2010). Most of my research focuses on corruption and the link with organized crime. I have read commissions of inquiry, court cases,


 2012-11-13  46m

Miguel de Beistegui, “Aesthetics after Metaphysics: From Mimesis to Metaphor” (Routledge, 2009)

What is the nature of art? The question involves understanding the relation between art and reality and what we are expressing in art. Miguel de Beistegui, professor of philosophy at the University of Warwick,


 2012-11-13  59m

James Daily and Ryan Davidson, “The Law of Superheroes” (Gotham Books 2012)

James Daily, J.D. and Ryan Davidson, J.D. are the co-authors of The Law of Superheroes (Gotham Books 2012). The book uses comic book scenarios, much as previous volumes on physics and philosophy, to answer questions such as “Would mutants have civic ri...


 2012-11-13  21m

Karen E. Fields and Barbara J. Fields, “Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life” (Verso Books, 2012)

Racism is a process by which people are segregated and discriminated against based on their race, and race is defined as a set of physical characteristics which certain groups share. Or is it? In Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in American Life (Vers...


 2012-11-11  42m

Juliane Hammer, “American Muslim Women, Religious Authority, and Activism: More Than a Prayer” (University of Texas Press, 2012)

In 2005, Amina Wadud led a mixed-gender congregation of Muslims in prayer. This event became the focal point of substantial media attention and highlighted some of the tensions within the Muslim community. However,


 2012-11-11  1h6m

Patrick Allitt, “The Conservatives: Ideas and Personalities Throughout American History” (Yale University Press, 2010)

Tired of politics? I grew tired of campaign commercials, especially once Mitt Romney identified Pennsylvania (where I live) as a battleground state. Now that the ad wars have ended and the ballots have been counted,


 2012-11-11  41m

Andrei Markovits and Emily Albertson, “Sportista: Female Fandom in the United States” (Temple University Press, 2012)

My wife is a sports fan. Together, we have cheered from the stands at college football games and track meets, for local minor-league baseball clubs and hockey teams. We’ve spent Sunday afternoons watching the National Football League,


 2012-11-09  53m