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episode 45: Social Trust in a Free Society with Kevin Vallier

An interview with Kevin Vallier


 2021-05-04  35m

episode 46: Climate Denialism and Propaganda with Catriona McKinnon

An interview with Catriona McKinnon


 2021-05-18  33m

episode 47: Democratic Repair and Public Things with Bonnie Honig

An interview with Bonnie Honig


 2021-05-24  33m

episode 48: Democracy and Social Critique with Cornel West

An interview with Cornel West


 2021-06-01  30m

episode 57: Where Did Conservatism Go? A Conversation with Yoram Hazony

Israeli political philosopher Yoram Hazony ('86) discusses the Enlightenment, the American Founding, his latest book: Conservatism: A Rediscovery, and Conservatism's past and future. Dr. Hazony is the President of the Herzl Institute, based in Jerusalem, and the chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation, a public affairs institute based in Washington D.C., which recently hosted the popular National Conservatism Conference in Miami, FL. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone...



episode 58: The 10,000 Year Build-Up to Brexit: A Conversation with Ian Morris

How did Britain become a global superpower? Historian and classicist Ian Morris thinks geography has a lot to do with it. Prof. Morris discusses his latest book, Geography is Destiny: Britain and the World: A 10,000 Year History, which traces the long history of Britain's complex relationship with the European continent. He draws surprising parallels between characters ranging from the Roman Britons and Nigel Farage, to the Papacy and the European Union. Prof...



episode 59: Truth, Fiction, and Student Loan Forgiveness: A Conversation with Beth Akers

With the Biden Administration's student loan relief coming down the pike, Annika sits down with Dr. Beth Akers, a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute who specializes in higher education finance. Beth discusses the issue of student debt, and what the Biden relief plan will and will not achieve.  You can find more information about Dr. Akers and her recent writing and appearances here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone...



episode 60: Money or Meaning? A Discussion on Choice and Restlessness with Ben and Jenna Storey

What kinds of tools do we need to make big decisions, and why aren't our universities training us to make them? Are universities doing students a disservice by occupying them with myriads of boxes to tick? Are students right to prefer money to meaning? Madison Program alumni Ben and Jenna Storey discuss the philosophy of making choices and of restlessness, and critique the way universities treat those topics...



episode 61: Larry Kudlow on Economic Freedom from Kennedy to Reagan to Trump

With contentious midterm elections coming up fast, Annika sits down with one of the best-known commentators and participants in the American political economy over the past four decades: Larry Kudlow. Director Kudlow has had a long and storied career; in addition to great success both on Wall Street and as a political commentator, he served in the Ronald Reagan administration in 1981, and as the Director of the National Economic Council under President Trump...