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After a long day, do you just need a 15 minute break? Are you searching for something new? Does your life hand you more questions than answers? Join me in conversation about life as we journey through the unknown together.

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Bitcoin ,Ethereum and Litecoin. talking about the types of base coins and sites to buy them at. Support this podcast at —



Jordan or Bryant

G.O.A.T Talk part 2 Jordan or Bryant. With Bryant copying Jordan style this is the talk it should be. James is he greatest of his era but all time No. Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan ever. Kobe influence on the league, he is passing knowledge and understanding to the new era. Support this podcast at —



Jordan or James

Who is the greatest of all time. Who's era is the best of all time. If its championship Rings or the number of times in the finals. Is the teams you play with of the players you play with. G.O.A.T Talk Support this podcast at —



episode 40: Super Bowl Talk

I'm talking about the super bowl and my pick to win. Tampa Bay first team to play a home super bowl. Tom Brady going to his 10th super bowl, first without bill. Kansas city headed to back to back super bowls with a full team and can light up a score board should be a good one. Support this podcast at —




Thinking you the listener for downloading the show. Thank you for supporting the show When you could listen to a other podcast you picked this one. Thank you again giving me a platform to speak to people like me. Support this podcast at —


 2021-01-25  15m

My Covid 19 Experience

I talk about my experience with the covid virus. The things that we as family felt. How we lost 2 family members to the virus. How is affected me going back to work and how I'm still feeling the affects today. If we all wear a mask it could really help us all Support this podcast at —


 2021-01-18  19m

The Giving Season

The time of giving is going on right now. I talk about how I give to my family. I talk about the holidays coming up. I hope you all have a great holiday season and happy new years. Support this podcast at —


 2020-12-14  17m

episode 28: Holiday Season time.

Its that time of year again, I talk about why i don't really like this time of year. In the year of Covid 19 I talk about how it could affect everything we do around this time. Hopefully everyone can spend time with family and enjoy good food and gifts. Happy Holidays to all. Support this podcast at —


 2020-11-09  14m

episode 27: ALS Awareness

A good friend of mine, his father in law has had ALS for two years now. After he was diagnose and talking to my friend hearing about how it affects the body and mind. I've have talked to him a couple times over the two years. hearing and seeing how the body slowly breaks down I wanted to help bring more awareness. Support this podcast at —


 2020-10-26  17m

Educating Change

Talking about how to start educating change. Its starts with self and then helping others get more information about things most people over look. Support this podcast at —


 2020-10-13  16m