New Media Show (Video)

The New Media Show is hosted by two Podcast Hall of Fame Inductees, RawVoice / Blubrry Founder and Podcaster Todd Cochrane and Longtime Podcaster Rob Greenlee. Interviewing luminaries from the podcasting space. With deep insight into what is happening in the podcasting world.

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episode 570: James Cridland and Sam Sethi on New Media Show

James Cridland and Sam Sethi join the New Media show, engaging in a discussion about the evolving landscape of podcasting, particularly focusing on the integration of new technologies and standards such as Podcasting 2.0.



episode 566: The Challenge of Introducing Podcasts to the Mainstream

Todd and Rob, the mainstream, are already listening to podcasts! Yes, this is correct, but a portion of them have never heard a podcast, and we break it down with Tom Webster from Sounds Profitable to discuss how we get the remaining non-listeners to t...



episode 566: The Battle for Open Podcasting Begins

So, has YouTube and others tainted the word Podcasting so bad now that people will automatically assume a podcast is just some Video YouTube channel?  The battle of educating all podcasters on the value of open RSS must begin!



episode 562: YouTube Podcast Big Nothing Burger

Rob and Todd discuss the nothing burger of the YouTube RSS support and the non-viability of YouTube for podcasters, considering its primary emphasis on video content. The pair critically evaluated the hurdles surrounding podcast support.


 2023-10-25  1h37m

episode 562: YouTube Overlord of Podcasting?

YouTube Platform Challenges Discussed Todd and Rob discussed the challenges and concerns of recommending YouTube to podcasters. Todd highlighted issues with the platform’s validation process, advertising policy, and monetization threshold.


 2023-10-18  1h29m

episode 560: 2023 To Date State of Industry

Todd and Rob take a look at the statistics of show and episode production over the past 12 months. Based on pretty much all data the podcasting space still looks to be in a recession in new shows being created are still down,


 2023-10-12  58m

episode 559: How Low Can the Stock Go - Blood in the Streets

Podcast One’s Stock continues to go down. The question is how low can the stock go and if, at some point, there is a buying opportunity yet full of risk. But it’s a lousy omen of how far it’s dropped so far.


 2023-10-04  1h22m

episode 558: Google Podcast Shutting Down

Once again, Google cannot get its podcast strategy straight and will pull the plug on Google Podcast sometime next year after achieving mild success and leaving the door open for Apple to create a viable Podcast App for Android.


 2023-09-28  1h31m

episode 557: Is the 1 Minute Podcast Measurement Standard to Short?

In some recent interviews Todd has been on, he has asked if the 1-minute minimum measurement standard used in Podcasting is too short. Should it be longer, or should there be higher qualifying standards on a listen/download?


 2023-09-20  1h38m

episode 556: Snarky Podcast News

Todd and Rob talk about our favorite topic, RSS, in podcasting and go over the latest Podcast News, and somehow, the show ends up being one of the most snarky episodes we have created in some time. Sorry, some of these latest news reports are beyond ob...


 2023-09-06  1h32m