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      GiveMN 2018 Pt. 2 with Jake Blumberg

      GiveMN Executive Director Jake Blumberg returns to the podcast to talk about the changes in their technology platform to use MightyCause in 2018.



      GiveMN 2018 Part 1 with Brooke Thomson has relaunched with a new technology partner and has new features ahead of Give to the Max Day 2018. Listen and learn!



      Nonprofits cohorts and peer support

      Members of the Hamline University Master of Nonprofit Management cohort N5 discuss nonprofit peer support and learning from other nonprofit leaders.


       2018-08-21  43m

      Print and Digital Comms with Christine Durand

      Christine Durand and Steve Boland discuss digital communications and print outreach for nonprofit organizations. Outreach, acquisition, fundraising and more.


       2018-08-14  46m

      New Normal with Adene Sacks and Kate Wilkinson

      Adene Sacks and Kate Wilkinson are co-authors of the report The New Normal. The report "takes a closer look at the impact of the 2016 U.S. election and its aftermath on the social sector. "


       2018-08-07  45m

      Ample Earth with Harry McAlister

      Harry McAlister of Ample Earth discusses nonprofit video production and cloud-based production services.


       2018-07-18  41m

      Wordpress and nonprofits with Jenna Christensen

      Jenna Christensen is a digital strategist with ArcStone, and joins the podcast to talk about using WordPress for nonprofit organizations,


       2018-06-26  45m

      Peer fundraisng with Mike Stephenson of ALS Association

      Mike Stephenson of the ALS Association joins the podcast to talk about peer-based fundraising. What was learned from the Ice Bucket Challenge, what is next in peer-to-peer fundraising, and how charities can support individual donors.


       2018-06-05  44m

      2018 Tax code and charities with Russell James

      Russell James details changes in the 2018 tax code which impact charitable deductions, and how donors can best use the new code to maximize the benefit of their gifts. Professor James also dispels the myth these changes will harm giving.


       2018-05-15  44m

      Bennett's Hierarcy with Al Onkha

      Al Onkha, Principal at Aurora Consulting, talks about Bennett's Hierarchy in logic models for nonprofit evaluation. The podcast talks about evaluation and planning as evolutionary, iterative steps for charities to improve their mission work.


       2018-05-08  47m