Nick and Dave Deep Dive the Metaverse

A podcast exploring cult classics, subculture, and geek media.

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episode 30: Episode 30 Flip This! Let's Go Do Some Crimes! (Repo Man)

Nick and Dave Deep Dive the 1984 cult classic Repo Man.



episode 29: Episode 29 Get In The Robot Shinji: 1.00+0.00 Thrice As Complicated As It (Needs) To Be (Rebuild of Evangelion Tetralogy)

Nick and Dave do a Hot Take of the final entry in the Evangelion series.



episode 28: Episode 28 It's Not Easy Being Green (The Green Knight)

Nick and Dave do a Hot Take on the 2021 grim fantasy, The Green Knight, directly after seeing it.


 2021-08-15  1h12m

episode 27: Episode 27 Skeletor Is Love (Masters of the Universe)

Nick and Dave Deep Dive the 1987 sword and sorcery space opera, Masters of the Universe.


 2021-08-01  1h49m

episode 26: Episode 26 Never Trust a Beardless Dwarf (Labyrinth)

Nick and Dave Deep Dive the 1986 cult classic Labyrinth. 


 2021-07-15  1h37m

episode 25: Episode 25 We Don't Have Divers We Have Family (Fast and Furious Saga)

Nick and Dave review every movie in the Fast and Furious series, rate them, choose a favorite car, and the dumbest line in each movie. 


 2021-07-01  1h47m

episode 24: Episode 24 This is Definitely Five Stars (The Ratings Episode)

Nick and Dave review every movie they've watched, and re-rate them on a new scale, all while debating if cultural impact merits an increase in stars. 


 2021-06-16  2h31m

episode 23: Episode 23 Too Old for the Ultra-Violence (A Clockwork Orange)

A Deep Dive of the 1971 Stanley Kubrick cult classic, A Clockwork Orange. A discussion of Bruce Lee's Warrior, and Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, a new Dungeons and Dragons supplement. 


 2021-06-01  1h52m

episode 22: Episode 22 Rescheduling The Apocalypse (Pacific Rim Franchise)

Nick and Dave Deep Dive the Pacific Rim franchise; Pacific Rim, Uprising, and The Black.


 2021-05-15  1h45m

episode 21: Episode 21 Superhero Couples Therapy (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier)

Nick and Dave do a Hot Take on the modern superhero drama, The Falcon and the Winter Solider.


 2021-05-01  3h11m