Nicosia Uncut

Cold, hard, truth from the divided capital of Cyprus. Andromachi Sophocleous & Kemal Baykallı, two peace activists/political analysts from the island of Cyprus, provide a unique and informed perspective on Cyprus-related politics, undoing official narratives dominating the discussion when it comes to Cyprus.

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Nicosia Uncut – Episode 46: Turkish opposition chooses the candidate to challenge Erdoğan (19/3/2023)

Election in Cyprus is over as Turkey is now on the eve of the historical election that will take place on 14 May 2023. In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı discuss the cabinet of the newly elected Greek Cypriot pres



Nicosia Uncut – Episode 45: Nikos Christodoulides is the new president of RoC. What now? (17/2/2023)

While the Turkish Cypriots are mourning for 49 members of their community, including the entire members of two junior volleyball school teams from Famagusta, who lost their lives in the major earthquake that hit Turkey; second round of presidential campa


 2023-02-17  48m

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 44: 2023 – the year of elections! (26/1/2023)

In this first episode of 2023, Nicosia Uncut producers Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı analyze the upcoming elections in Cyprus, Turkey and Greece as well as the recent local elections in north. While the positions of presidential candidates in


 2023-01-26  35m

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 43: Sleepwalking towards destruction – civil society is resisting (17/11/2022)

In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı criticize the political establishments on both sides of the divide and highlight the efforts of the civil society to resist partition. Political establishments on the both sides


 2022-11-17  34m

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 42: Presidential race with no politics (3/10/2022)

In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykalli shed a critical light on the presidential race in Republic of Cyprus: seems like the political programs are not the main pillars of this elections. A rather superficial race on s


 2022-10-03  47m

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 41: Battle over the records of failed talks (14/8/2022)

It is now crystal clear that solution of the Cyprus problem was actually within the reach during 2016 and 2017 summits, it took five years for the Greek Cypriot politics to question the Greek Cypriot leaderships share of responsibility in the failure. Wh


 2022-08-14  36m

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 40: Presidential race gearing up; yet another UN representative under attack (26/7/2022)

After a summer brake, Nicosia Uncut is back with the latest political developments in Cyprus. Three leading presidential candidates participated in the first debate on PIK, Cyprus state channel, discussing their perspectives on the Cyprus problem. All th


 2022-07-26  31m

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 39: RoC elections – three candidates of the establishment (16/5/2022)

Legacy of Anastasiades seems to be dominating the political scene in Cyprus in the coming term as well. Early favorites of the Presidential race, DISYs Neophytou, currently independent Christodoules and AKELs potential candidate Mavroyiannis have been th


 2022-05-14  41m

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 38: Turkey firms its grip on Turkish Cypriot politics (3/5/2022)

In this episode of Nicosia Uncut Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı discuss how Turkey is firming its grip in the Turkish Cypriot politics as the right-wing coalition of UBP leader Dr Faiz Sucuoğlu collapses yet again due to his apparent fall-out


 2022-05-02  36m

Nicosia Uncut – Episode 37: Discussing effectiveness of the UN in Cyprus with Dr.Alexandra Novosseloff (15/4/2022)

In this episode of Nicosia Uncut, Andromachi Sophocleous and Kemal Baykallı host Dr.Alexandra Novosseloff, the author of the EPON report titled Assessing the Effectiveness of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force (UNFICYP) and the Office of the Special A


 2022-04-15  35m