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No Cartridge 150: On Journalism and People

Today, I'm talking about issues of sexual violence and games reporting stemming from the recent issues surrounding Cecilia D'Anastasio's reporting of Nathalie Lawhead's report of rape by Jeremy Soule. Trigger warnings on this one for sexual violence. For relevant context I won't go into fully out of respect for Nathalie, here are links: * Nathalie's blog - * Cecilia's response - https://www...



Patch Notes 1.25!

Jon and Trev are back to talk about most of the news that's fit to print, and brother...that ain't much! Join us as we chuckle our way through the dry season and talk about games we've been recently obsessed with. Support this podcast at —



No Wallscroll 2: Kids on the Slope Eps 1-3

Andrew and Trev return to talk about the first three episodes of Kids on the Slope and what it means to responsibly have a crush Support this podcast at —



No Wallscroll 1: Meet Trev and Piss, Meet Anime

Welcome to a brand new sub-show, in which I bring my good friend and stream partner Andrew "Piss" onto the show to walk me through the world of anime. It's new blood meets old in a premise that definitely DOES NOT rip off Podside Picnic...



No Cartridge New Years! GOTY with Lana Polansky and Paul Walker-Emig

We welcome two favorite guests back to the show, in the form of Paul "Utopian Horizons" Walker-Emig and Lana "Sufficiently Human" Polansky, and they're here to talk about their top 5 games of the year! Fifteen strong between the three of us, there's something here you're sure to have missed along the way in 2019, so tune in! Happy new year, and this year check out Sufficiently Human and Utopian Horizons! Support this podcast at —



Episode 149: Those Were 500 Dollar Sunglasses!

We welcome back Kreal of krealtube dot com for our first game/movie discussion, as we cover 1995's own Mortal Kombat! Enjoy truly too-deep analysis of this amazingly mediocre film. Support this podcast at —


 2019-12-24  1h12m

No Cartridge Presents: Patch Notes 1.24

After a long layoff, Jon and I are back with...well look there wasn't a lot of news. It was boring okay! Anyway, spills and chills with the Video Game Awards and more, along with a Riot update. The bite-sized digestion of two weeks of news? That's right it's Patch Notes. Support this podcast at —


 2019-12-19  1h5m

Episode 148: Magic, Materially with Leon Chang!

We welcome Leon Chang back to the show to talk about his recent rediscovery of Magic The Gathering, and what the game means to him both digitally, materially, and beyond. Finally the deep dive you need after Wizards announced like 7 new MTG games! Support this podcast at —


 2019-12-17  1h0m

Episode 147: Don't Give Up, Skeleton with Jeremy Gordon

(with apologies to the wonderful podcast of the same name!) We welcome Jeremy Gordon, Deputy Editor at The Outline, to talk about his ongoing and developing love affair with the Souls series, specifically Dark Souls 3 and the way it clicks with his brain specifically. A personal and fascinating look inside one player's experience! Support this podcast at —


 2019-12-06  57m

Episode 146: The Write Stuff with Patrick Dubuque!

We welcome blogger and all around gentleman Patrick Dubuque on the podcast to talk about blogging for baseball, shifting to gaming, and the complications of learning on the job while gaming as a dad. Plus, like, 20 minutes of baseball talk I snuck out of Patrick even though he's on the wagon! Support this podcast at —


 2019-11-28  1h4m