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No Cartridge Presents: Patch Notes 1.23

Jon and Trev are back with a double sized look at games and gaming news, just as stuff starts to happen. Will negative latency work? Does Stadia have a prayer? And what about Anthem? All these questions and more on this week's Patch Notes. Support this podcast at —


 2019-11-24  2h6m

Episode 145: Brass Knuckles and a Two by Four with Sean McTiernan

We welcome All Units' own Sean McTiernan on the show to talk noir, crime games, and the absolute sublimity of Hitman. Not to be missed for fans of the literary and the lowdown! Support this podcast at —


 2019-11-19  1h34m

No Cartridge One-Half: State of the Show

Hey! Short one today but an important one as I lay out the future of the show (nothing bad promise) and where I'm at after health scares and enthusiasm/funding waves. Thanks! Support this podcast at —


 2019-11-14  4m

No Cartridge Presents: Patch Notes 1.22

Welcome back to Patch Notes! After a brief break, Jon Bernhardt and me are back to talk all the news that's fit to print, and honestly some that isn't as well. Games and labor and me falling asleep? It's a good week, kids. Support this podcast at —


 2019-11-11  52m

Epidsode 144: Paratopic with Jessica Harvey!

We welcome Jessica Harvey, one of the developers and creators of the ephemeral and haunting Paratopic onto the show to talk about horror games, Tangiers, writing, politics, art, and what one does when one develops a game. Completing our troika of dev episodes, this should not be missed! Support this podcast at —


 2019-11-07  1h7m

Are You Afraid of the After Dark: After Dark

Ah, November 1 -- the perfect time to do our retrospective run-down of the month that was SPOOKY OCTOBER. Liv is joined, Trev, of all people to discuss horror, videogame terror, and the many fears existential or otherwise in between. A perfect parfait to cap off the month! Support this podcast at —


 2019-11-01  1h37m

Are You Afraid of the After Dark: Finale! Mario!

In the finale of the incredibly popular Are You Afraid of the After Dark, Curt and Liv opine on Halloween and terror through the most obvious avatar of darkness: Mario Mario, Plumber esq. Enjoy this last episode of a true terrifying triumph on the spookiest night of the year! Support this podcast at —


 2019-10-31  1h27m

Episode 143: Neocab with Patrick Ewing!

We welcome Patrick Ewing (no, not the basketball one, the other one!) to talk about his masterfully atmospheric and engaging game Neocab, as well as his work on other gems like Firewatch. A romp through design, aesthetics, ambitions, and writing with an experienced and fascinating dev. This spiritual sibling to our Jenny LeClue episode is not to be missed! Support this podcast at —


 2019-10-30  1h12m

No Cartridge Presents: Patch Notes 1.21 (DOUBLE SIZED)

Whoa, buckle up folks, it's an extra-long Patch Notes and Jon and I go into two whole weeks of news! A truly gargantuan feat as I try very hard not to talk about Blizzard and China and utterly fail. Enjoy canceling or elevating us for our bad ideas, and stay for the takes on Disco Elysium and more! Support this podcast at —


 2019-10-23  2h19m

Episode 142: Jenny LeClue: Detectivu! with Joe Russ!

We welcome onto the show Joe Russ, the developer of endlessly charming indie gem -- and current Apple Arcade face -- Jenny LeClue, Detectivu! We run the whole gamut here and really don't spoil much at all, so listen in if you want to hear more about production, distribution, artistry, and aesthetics from one of our smartest guests yet! Support this podcast at —


 2019-10-22  1h55m