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Episode 91: Warcraft (2016) Part Two

Welcome to a very special No Cartridge, wherein me, Olivia @spookyoolong, Michael @michaelfilm94 Lattimer, and Kevin @swearsayer tackle the modern cinematic triumph WARCRAFT (2016).


 2018-09-04  1h20m

Episode 91: Warcraft (2016) Part 1

Welcome to a very special No Cartridge, wherein me, Olivia @spookyoolong, Michael @michaelfilm94 Lattimer, and Kevin @swearsayer tackle the modern cinematic triumph WARCRAFT (2016).


 2018-09-04  53m

Episode 90: We're Gonna Go Beyond This w/ Ian Borsuk

We welcome Ian Borsuk to talk about games and the ecology and leftism -- a deeply underserved topic and a fascinating and sprawling discussion. Alt-right speculation included.


 2018-08-20  1h17m

Episode 89: News From the Front with Alex Pareene

We welcome Alex Pareene, fresh from being bought out in what is now the third or fourth most recent online media venture capital nightmare, to talk about the news, writing in gaming, and why Grim Fandango and the 3DS are dad magnets.


 2018-08-06  52m

Episode 88: Cartoonists in Apartments Drinking Coffee with Matt Lubchansky

We welcome Matt Lubchansky on the show to talk about, well, everything really -- games, comics, life, millenials, and of course their recent ongoing kickstarter project with The Nib!


 2018-07-31  54m

BONUS EPISODE: No Coasts No Kings - Live From Combo Breaker!

Trev and his family just welcomed a new son, but enjoy this on the floor dialectic fresh from Combo Breaker!


 2018-07-24  46m

Episode 87: "I Get Angry, Obviously," Gaming Unions with Felicia McIntyre & Tim Colwill

We welcome Felicia and Tim on the podcast to talk about unionizing efforts in Australia and worldwide involving game devs, streaming personalities, and beyond. Absolutely fascinating if you love labor law!


 2018-07-17  1h23m

Episode 86: We're All Friends in the Garbage Can with Jocelyn Monahan

We welcome Jocelyn @gulduxchats on the show to discuss her experience in games, her passion for Minecraft, and, yes, the anatomy of melancholy as it relates to videogames. If you like lists, well, you're gonna like this one.


 2018-07-10  1h11m

Episode 85: "More Normal, More Human" with Meredith Gran!

I'm very excited to welcome Meredith Gran onto the podcast to talk about her new videogame project Perfect Tides, what it means to take your creative process to gaming, and, of course, some Octopus Pie for good measure.


 2018-07-02  45m

Episode 84: Esports as a Design Question with Will Partin

We welcome Will Partin onto the show to talk about esports, gaming in the academy, and his response to my article in nonsite dot org. Well, okay, the first two definitely.


 2018-06-25  1h1m