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 2017-06-25  2m

Episode 29: Jon Bernhardt on Prey

We have Jonathan Bernhardt (@jonbernhardt) on to talk Prey, Bethesda and Arkane's new part-stealth part-shock game Prey, among other things!


 2017-06-25  1h35m

Episode 28: Hazel Monforton on Writing for Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

We welcome Hazel Monforton onto the show to talk about her experience as a writer on the upcoming Dishonored: Death of the Outsider


 2017-06-21  47m

Episode 27: Dave Mangels on No Man's Sky and Trump

Bleeding Green Nation's Dave Mangels joins us to talk No Man's Sky and the way the famously outre and disappointing game reflects, unexpectedly, the Trump campaign and election.


 2017-06-19  46m

Episode 26: Scott Benson Part 2, Scott Bensoner

Part two of Scott Benson's deep conversation with us on life, punk, and the nature of the road in Kentucky Route Zero.


 2017-06-12  50m

Episode 25: Scott Benson Part 1 - Pessmism of the Spirit, Optimism of the Will

Scott Benson, one third of Infinite Fall, the studio that brought us Night in the Woods, returns to the podcast to talk about art, punk, video games, theory, and everything in-between in part 1 of this two part conversation.


 2017-06-09  1h39m

Episode 24: Qara Koyunlu on Baseball, Games, and Knowledge

We welcome Kara (@QaraKoyunlu) to the podcast to talk about baseball simulations, sabermetrics,and the particular value judgements of late capitalist sports.


 2017-06-02  1h1m

Episode 23: Matt Christman Takes on Gaming

Matt "Cushbomb" Christman comes on to meet me in the squared circle, where I will fight for the honor of gaming. Or, well, we'll chat animatedly anyway.


 2017-05-25  42m

Episode 22: VR and Games Dev (with @fender_splendor)

We invite Paul (@fender_splendor) on the podcast to talk VR in terms of his own experience in development, its future, its aesthetics, and how we can understand it as a conceptual apparatus.


 2017-05-20  48m

Episode 21: Hazel Monforton on Narrative and Games

We have Hazel Monforton (@hazelmonforton) on to talk about gaming and narrative, architecture, and the lovely What Remains of Edith Finch. By far our most academic conversation yet -- no don't leave, it's good!


 2017-05-15  53m