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Critical but casual approaches to current, past, and future video games six times a week. In addition, guests will periodically share their own aesthetic and personal experiences with games in conversation! Subscribe to our Patreon at if you'd like to hear special patron-only bonus episodes! Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:

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No Cartridge 164 - Reading, Writing, Gundam with Em and Jackson

We welcome Em and Jackson of the Great Gundam Project and Abnormal Mapping to the show to discuss their incredibly ambitious project of watching and analyzing all of Gundam; their understanding of analysis and reading, particularly when it comes to videogames; and the answer to the question on everyone's mind: where is the robot? Production by the impressively prolific Julian Crocamo! Support this podcast at — https://redcircle...


 2020-07-22  1h8m

No Cartridge After Dark: Happy Birthday Liv!

Olivia is back on the classic After Dark podcast to talk about, well, everything with me as we catch up over the pandemic and life in general. Oh and we note that today begins Liv's birthday month, so please, act accordingly! Production by Julian! Expect nothing less! Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:


 2020-07-18  1h2m

No Wallscroll - Kaiji 10-15

We're back with our second chunk of Kaiji as Piss, Sean, and I continue on our journey through the best damn gamblin' anime ever. Enjoy the rampant anti-capitalism and the extremely dark turn of this week's bunch of episodes! Will Kaiji actually repay his debt? Hah, well, uh, there are a bunch of episodes left so uh. Hm. Production by Julian Crocamo, da god. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:


 2020-07-17  1h28m

Patch Notes 2.3

Trigger Warning on this whole one as it's about rampant sexual abuse, grooming, and misconduct all throughout gaming, from gamers to executives. The part of the news we hate to cover, but we do anyway -- Jon and I do our best to scratch the surface here. As always, we believe survivors. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:


 2020-07-15  49m

No Wallscroll - Kaiji 1-9

Welcome to the next chapter! It's the incredible Kaiji, which I'll be talking through with the inimitable Piss and longtime friend of the show Sean "nochorus on twitter" McTiernan! Gambling, loss, stress, and capitalism...what's better than this? Thank you to Julian for production duties! Support this podcast at — Want to advertise on this podcast? Go to and sign up.


 2020-07-03  2h2m

Patch Notes 2.2: The Last of Us One

Welcome back to Patch Notes! Jon and I are here (belatedly because of to talk about TLOU2, RE8, and other non-sequel news! Much of the past few weeks isn't here bc this was recorded on the 20th, but uh, we'll get to that in today's recording. Support this podcast at — Want to advertise on this podcast? Go to and sign up.


 2020-07-01  1h20m

No Wallscroll - Mob Psycho S2 Episodes 10-12

We're back baby! Mob Psycho Season 2 is getting to the boiling point as the action starts to heat up (no pun intended) with Shigeo's house destroyed, Claw trying to destroy the city and the world, and all our fav psychics joining forces. But we all know, as Piss will remind us, that the emotional stuff is the real star. And check in on the patreon right after you're done to listen to the conclusion of our Mob series! Production by the patient kind hands of...Julian...


 2020-06-28  1h44m

No Cartridge 163 - Dia Plays the Hits With Dia Lacina!

We welcome, long overdue, the wonderful Dia Lacina on the podcast! She talks about her massive undertaking as she takes on a Let's Play of all of the Megaten games, and then we veer off into talking about her experience in games writing honestly and unvarnished. Definitely our most hard hitting episode in quite a while, and frankly a ton of fun at that. Must listen. Julian as always, brings you the sound, as he only can. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle...


 2020-06-25  2h35m

GGNRR 3 - Calvino and Stanley Walk Into A Bar

We're back with GG No ReRead! Liv and I delve into our most thematically complex episode yet, considering Italo Calvino's If on a winter's night a traveler and the modern classic, The Stanley Parable. One of our most engaging episodes yet, and sure to thrill readers and gamers alike! Production! Haha, no it's Julian don't worry. Support this podcast at — Want to advertise on this podcast? Go to and sign up.


 2020-06-17  1h30m

No Wallscroll - Mob Psycho S2, 7-9

Finally, it's the return of the mack as Piss and I are back to talk Mob Psycho 100, in perhaps the most emotionally resonant bit of anime we've seen yet! Not to be missed, though keep in mind we delayed through much of the last few weeks due to it feeling out of place in the midst of direct action, so please forgive any political datedness. Thank u to Julian, the god, for production! Support this podcast at — https://redcircle...


 2020-06-16  1h58m