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The world's BEST strategies to start and grow your business, improve your productivity, and live a happier and more successful life. Hear from top performers in many industries — many who have never shared their tips publicly before. Explore topics like how to create an interesting life, building a 6-figure online business, behind-the-scenes of Tim Ferriss, and more.



      How to Create a Successful SaaS Business: Lessons from Building WebinarNinja

      Bootstrapping a SaaS company into success: Omar Zenhom can show you how. As the co-founder behind WebinarNinja, a SaaS business he grew himself, Omar know what it takes. It wasn’t always easy, Omar ran into tons of roadblocks, but in this episode you’ll learn how Omar grew his SaaS company, SaaS roadblocks to avoid, and more. Full show notes at



      Crazy Life Stories from the CEO of an 8-Figure Company — with JT McCormick (Part 2)

      Last episode, I talked to JT McCormick about hustle and how he became CEO of an 8-figure company. This episode dives deeper and is MUCH more personal. Learn the struggles JT faced as a child growing up, the difficulties he's overcame, and the obstacles he ran into. Use these lessons to push past obstacles in your own life. Full show notes at



      How JT McCormick Went from Broke and Homeless to CEO of an 8-Figure Business

      Broke, angry, and lost. JT McCormick grew up in a tough environment, with family members killed in gangs and a drug dealer father. For a bit, JT followed their path… but then decided enough is enough. Hear JT’s story about how he found courage to explore business, how he overcame poverty and racism, and how he eventually became CEO of a massively growing startup. Full show notes at



      Sexual Harassment and Being a Woman in the Workplace — with Entrepreneur Laura Roeder

      As a female entrepreneur and founder, Laura Roeder has experienced sexual harassment, degradation, and unfair practices first-hand. Listen to Laura to share her story about being a female entrepreneur and founder of the 7-figure social media company MeetEdgar — plus how men can make treat women better in the workplace. Full show notes at



      How Nomadic Matt Grew a Travel Blog to 15 Million Visitors

      Nomadic Matt hated his 9-5 entry-level desk job — so he decided to create a travel blog on the side. After a few years of hard work, he started making ad revenue from his blog. Today, his site has grown and he makes a living traveling the world. Learn his story and how he makes money blogging.

      Full show notes at



      Conversation Tips from a Master Storyteller — with Jordan Harbinger

      Every day, we use conversation skills. At work to close a deal, in our personal lives to make more amazing friends, and more. Unfortunately, many people have "awkward" conversations — which hold them back in business and life. Today, charisma expert Jordan Harbinger, host of popular podcast "The Art of Charm," shares his best conversation tips. Full show notes at



      Sales tips for your business and daily life — with Anton Sepetov

      Convincing a friend to try a new restaurant. Closing a giant deal (which means big commission for you). Sales impacts every area of your life — both in business and daily life. Learn from Anton Sepetov, the VP of Sales for an 8-figure business, how to get more of what you want, and become better at sales, in business and life. Full show notes at



      From College Kid to Working with Kendrick Lamar and Tory Lanez — the Story of Sascha Guttfreund

      If you're not fully happy in your job, it's possible to do something you LOVE. Sascha Guttfreund is proof. Sascha went from college kid to working with Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Tory Lanez — plus, today Sascha runs one of the most successful music businesses in the United States. Listen to his lessons on following your dreams, crazy stories from the music industry, and more. Full show notes at



      How Gary Levitt Sold His Company to GoDaddy

      What’s it like to start a company for $50… and sell it for $42 million? For many people, this might sound like a dream. But for Gary Levitt, it was reality. Learn how Gary had his email marketing company Mad Mimi acquired by GoDaddy, his recommendations on email marketing best practices, and tons more. Full show notes at



      How to Focus Your Business to Be Successful — with Fiverr CEO Micha Kaufman

      Micha Kaufman, the founder and CEO of Fiverr rarely gives interviews. He's too busy growing Fiverr from a bootstrapped company into a billion dollar success. But in today's episode, we hear from Micha on Fiverr's "one click" focus, how he grew Fiverr from nothing, and where he sees Fiverr in the future. Go behind-the-scenes with the founder of the "gig economy" and one of the most successful web 2.0 businesses today. Use these lessons to turn your own idea into a successful business. Full...