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episode 135: David Selinger

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episode 134: Growing an Ecommerce Company

Keto is the HOTTEST diet trend out there… and building a business on a hot trend can be VERY lucrative. Today, I talk to the co-founder of my favorite keto snack bar MCTco. You’ll learn about growing a hot new business trend, marketing, and more.



episode 133: My Top 10 Marketing Strategies for 2020

I do TONS of marketing experiments. It’s how we’ve grown multiple 7-figure companies. Today, I’m sharing my top 10 marketing strategies for your business in 2020. I’ll talk about hot topics like Facebook Groups, why active audience matters most, a



episode 132: RoastMaster General Jeff Ross — Roasted Me

Jeff Ross aka RoastMaster General is a world-famous comedian featured in Comedy Central, Netflix, and more. I had a lengthy conversation with Jeff the night before one of his shows. We talk about how he got into comedy, generating ideas, and a TON more.



episode 131: Best Friend Show - Ian (Co-Founder of Tropical MBA)

Ian Schoen has traveled the world, built multiple companies, and had a large tech exit in 2015. Today, he’s an advocate for nomadic entrepreneurship… and he’s one of my best friends. Enjoy this episode with lots of learning on friendship and busines


 2020-01-16  41m

episode 129: Ryan Holiday — Bestselling Author and Business builder

Ryan Holiday and I discuss everything from marriage and relationships to the economics of book marketing. Learn how Ryan thinks about multiple income streams with e-commerce sales, marketing business, real estate, books, speaking, etc.


 2020-01-09  1h2m

episode 128: My Goals For 2020

In this episode, I’m going through the goal setting tips I have for 2020. I also will be sharing ALL my goals, systems, accountability structure, monthly reports and a ton more.


 2020-01-02  12m

episode 68: Goals (My Exact Process)

How do you plan this year to be the BEST? Today, I’m re-sharing our goal planning strategy episode from last year. It was one of our most popular episodes — and the strategies still work. Use them to make effective business & personal goals.


 2019-12-26  27m

episode 127: My Favorites From The Year

In this episode, I’m recapping my favorite things from this year. Great books, interesting article, favorite movies even marketing campaigns… you’ll get all my favorites in this episode.


 2019-12-19  19m

episode 126: Take a Sound Bath with Me [Free Gift]

Take a break from your daily grind and chaos. Use this SPECIAL episode to relax… and re-motivate yourself in your life and business.


 2019-12-12  41m