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episode 94: Money Strategies from Ramit Sethi

Are your finances set up correctly? Even for successful entrepreneurs, the answer is often no. Today, I talk to New York Times bestselling finance author Ramit Sethi. Learn how to make more money, optimize your finances, and what a rich life REALLY means.



episode 93: Shabbat Shalom!

Today, I’m sharing how to use a fun Friday dinner to build friendships and business relationships. The dinner is called Shabbat, and I’m going to show you step-by-step how to set it up for maximum business growth, personal growth, and fun. Try it this



episode 92: Agendas

How do you keep your team on the same page? Lots of entrepreneurs and business leaders run ineffective meetings. Whether you’re in-person or remote, big or small, there are strategies to make your weekly meetings and agendas BETTER. Here’s how we do i



episode 91: 8-Figure Daily Newsletter — with Alex Lieberman

Alex Lieberman thought his career would be in finance. But he had an idea for a daily newsletter, and started building it. Today, his idea is Morning Brew — the 8-figure newsletter with 1 million subscribers. Hear Alex’s story.



episode 90: Caution: Only Listen When Struggling

It felt like I lost everything when I was fired by Facebook. It was the beginning of a year of resentment and depression. If you’re struggling, that’s okay. Today, I want to share with you how to find courage, gain clarity, and fix your life.



episode 89: My Favorite Books of 2019

What are the BEST best business books that I've read this year? What are my favorite personal books? Every year, I read dozens and dozens of books. Today, I'm sharing my favorite books from 2019. If you need books to read, check this episode out.



episode 88: Million Dollar Consulting — with Alan Weiss

When I was dating someone in college, I went to her dad’s house… and it was a MANSION. Holy #@*&! When I asked how he got rich, he gave me a book by Alan Weiss about consulting and business. Today, I talk to Alan about his thoughts on business and lif


 2019-04-18  51m

episode 87: Coaches

Back in school we had teachers and coaches. But once we graduate school... we stop using coaches! That's a big mistake. In today's episode, I'm talking about WHY you should use coaches, the types of coaches you can hire, and all the coaches I use.


 2019-04-16  9m

episode 86: Sumo Journey #1: Knights of the Round Table

What REALLY happens behind-the-scenes of a 7-figure business? It’s not as glamorous as some of these lame internet “entrepreneurs” pretend. In December, I decided to come back and run Sumo full-time. Today, I’m sharing our struggles and what’s n


 2019-04-09  9m

episode 85: From Wantrepreneur to $150,000 in Revenue — Meet Tom Stanford

Failing wantrepreneur to successful business — the story of Tom Stanford. Before Tom started Saint Belford last year, he started a few businesses that failed (including an EDM beats website that had zero sales). Hear how he finally found success.


 2019-04-04  18m