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episode 142: NYU Finance Professor = ????????

The ‘Dean of Valuation’, MBA and Ph.D. Aswath Damodaran teaches finance at NYU. Learn how the markets will affect your business, market pricing vs. investing, 3 E’s of teaching, strategies and stock picks, and TONS more.



episode 141: Recession Proof Your Ecommerce Business — 12 Tactics

I’m sharing real examples from ecommerce businesses (and ours) on how to approach marketing during coronavirus right now. I outline 12 actionable marketing tips for how to plan, budget and thrive an ecommerce business during these hard times.



episode 140: Recession Proof

Everyone knows times are tough, but WHAT do we do? In this episode I talk about how to plan for a recession (business, finances, and overall uncertainty). Learn exactly what we’re doing at Sumo Group — and how you can do the same for yourself and biz.



“Aha” Business Moments

Phi turned her food blog into a real, profitable business. Hear the “aha” business moments that Phi used to quit her desk job and turn her blog into a full-time business — and 4x her income at the same time.



episode 138: Divorce Attorney Tells ALL ????

A top divorce attorney shares advice on prenups, healthy marriage tips, professional athlete prenup stories, how to “keep the connection going”, and much MORE. This is a VERY open conversation.


 2020-03-05  52m

episode 137: Notes To Myself ????

I recently came up with 7 key themes and reminders I try and use every day. This is a short podcast episode packed with actionable insights. Use these quick life, business, and happiness tips for your own life.


 2020-02-27  16m

Influencer Marketing — CEO Who Partnered With Rob Gronkowski & Floyd Mayweather

How do you get famous people to advertise your product? Today, I’m talking to someone who’s snagged BIG name influencers — including Floyd Mayweather and Rob Gronkowski. Hear from Josh Snow on what influencer marketing is REALLY like.


 2020-02-20  1h2m

episode 135: David Selinger

Full show notes at   


 2020-02-13  1h29m

episode 134: Growing an Ecommerce Company

Keto is the HOTTEST diet trend out there… and building a business on a hot trend can be VERY lucrative. Today, I talk to the co-founder of my favorite keto snack bar MCTco. You’ll learn about growing a hot new business trend, marketing, and more.


 2020-02-06  56m

episode 133: My Top 10 Marketing Strategies for 2020

I do TONS of marketing experiments. It’s how we’ve grown multiple 7-figure companies. Today, I’m sharing my top 10 marketing strategies for your business in 2020. I’ll talk about hot topics like Facebook Groups, why active audience matters most, a


 2020-01-30  12m