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The world's BEST strategies to start and grow your business, improve your productivity, and live a happier and more successful life. Hear from top performers in many industries — many who have never shared their tips publicly before. Explore topics like how to create an interesting life, building a 6-figure online business, behind-the-scenes of Tim Ferriss, and more.



      7 Life Thoughts

      Recently, I took an international retreat to think about what I’ve been doing. Am I happy? Am I wasting time? What else should I be doing in my life? Here are the 7 life thoughts I had during my retreat — that you can use too.



      A Conversation with One of America’s Best Chefs — Tyson Cole

      As a caucasian, Tyson Cole doesn’t fit the stereotype of sushi chef. But Tyson has been voted one of the BEST chefs in the U.S. From dishwasher to award-winning chef, hear about Tyson’s experiences owning 7 restaurants, being on Iron Chef, and more.


       2018-05-22  38m

      Bo Jackson: A Conversation With the World's Best Athlete

      There's only one athlete in history who was a NFL and MLB all-star. But the year after he was named NFL all-star... he left the limelight. This is the story of Bo Jackson, the greatest athlete you don't know enough about.


       2018-04-26  31m

      The March Show

      Over the past month, I've met some epic people, tried some cool new products, and learned some important lessons. In this episode, I share the biggest things I've discovered over the past month (and what I'm excited about for March).


       2018-03-16  28m

      Quitting a Job You Hate and Making a Business — with Adam Gilbert

      Adam Gilbert had a corporate job he hated. Instead of being miserable, he decided to quit his job and start his own business. He didn’t have a plan, he hadn’t validated an idea… but 10 years later, he’s grown it to a six-figure business. Here’s his story.


       2018-02-15  25m

      The 2018 Show

      In 2017, I failed a lot. I learned a ton about goal setting, what makes me happy, and where I want to go in 2018… and now I’m going to share my tips with you. Learn how to set goals and achieve them in 2018 to make it your best year ever.


       2018-01-18  15m

      How to Turn Blog Posts into a Business — with Vanessa Van Edwards

      Vanessa Van Edwards built a business in a crowded market. Her industry has competitors like Dale Carnegie, but she was still able to be successful. Here's how.


       2017-12-19  8m

      The Hanukkah Gift — with Mike Posner

      Your 15-minute challenge from Mike Posner. Learn a new habit you can keep forever — plus, it'll help you reduce stress, improve your focus, and be happier today.


       2017-12-14  18m

      Thank You Episode

      The answers to my favorite questions. In this episode, I answer 50+ of the most popular questions listeners like you have asked. Learn the biggest marketing strategies for 2018, how to improve your sales skills, where to find a mentor, and tons more.


       2017-12-05  1h21m

      The Surprise Show

      This is a surprise show. It's different than any other podcast episode you've heard. If I told you what it was, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?


       2017-11-28  9m