A storytelling show that explores the night, the landscape of the unseen, and how thoughts, feelings and behaviors transform in the dark.

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Speak San Pedro

The night is a perfect canvas for the ancient magic of Peruvian shamanism.  In the darkness, your mind opens, allowing spirits to find a place to land.



You Are a Candle

Candles were a lifeline until they became merely ornamental. So, how do the candles feel about this?


 2019-12-10  17m

As a Weapon

Comfort turns to horror when the night becomes weaponized - used to terrorize and control. This is the most ominous embodiment of the night. Its most salient symbols are those of burning crosses, and the nightriders delivering their messages of terror.


 2019-11-12  38m

I’m a Monster

Getting into character and scaring people silly is one of Campbell Harmon's favorite things in life. But his relationship to being a monster goes deeper than playing one in a haunted attraction.


 2019-10-08  36m

The Nocturne Award

The theme of this year’s KCRW 24-Hour Radio Race was “Where the Sun Don’t Shine”. One entry received the Nocturne Award. It’s called “The Telltale Arse” and it’s by producer Matt Livadary.  The piece truly peers into the dusty...


 2019-09-24  5m

Like a Light Bulb

Kristin’s daughter was just 16 years old when she began to struggle with drug addiction - methamphetamine, heroin, and more. It brought Kristin to her knees. Of all the painful challenges, the worst was not knowing where her daughter was in the...


 2019-09-10  33m

In Magdalenian Footsteps

There is a cave in southern France that contains some of the world’s most deeply hidden secrets. To get there you must crawl on your belly through a long tomb-like passage, with your only light held between your teeth.  


 2019-08-13  34m

The Sound of Moonlight

There are over 3500 species of crickets and each has a different song. One man fills his apartment in Brooklyn with their music, and then takes them out in public to perform alongside them. And then he eats them.


 2019-07-09  30m

Elk River Road

Zoe and Sarah were young, free explorers on a spontaneous summer road trip. As darkness began to fall, the map on Zoe’s phone directed them to a short cut that would speed up their drive and get them to a safe place to spend the night. But that's...


 2019-06-11  34m

The Dark Revolt

Ever since he was a child, Clark Strand has awoken in the middle of the night and gone out walking. One night a voice spoke directly in his ear, saying, “Don’t go out tonight. Remain calm and be very very still.” His life has never been the same.


 2019-05-14  33m