A storytelling show that explores the night, the landscape of the unseen, and how thoughts, feelings and behaviors transform in the dark.

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episode 18: Look Up!

The stars are always there in the sky, even when we can’t see them. Why should we look? Why should we care? Paul Salazar cares, and he has compelling reasons why you should, too. Read more →


 2016-05-31  28m

episode 17: I Was Flying

Our dreams can allow us to experience things that are – impossible. Yeah, some dreams take us where we’d rather not go. But others invite us into a world filled with joy, and ease, and wonder. They connect us to a forgotten part of ourselves.


 2016-04-30  15m

episode 16: Standing Over the Bed

Sometimes the world of our dreams can be unsettling; even terrifying. The fear can be like an echo or a shadow of true emotion; or it can be utterly real, even justified. At times the fearful experiences we have at night can introduce questions into th...


 2016-03-28  28m

Nocturne Bake Sale

Picture it – It’s dusk. We’re on a small neighborhood corner, with a faint moon starting to peak through branches of trees overhead. Kent and I are sitting behind a large battered folding table, and there’s a jar on top of it.


 2016-03-23  7m

episode 15: To a Distant Continent

Lynne Cox has spent her life swimming vast distances and pushing herself to the edges of possibility. Since the beginning, she has thrived on exploring uncharted territories, including the ocean at night. Read more →


 2016-02-29  27m

episode 14: Best Feeling in the World

The night can be like the great frontier to a kid; a forbidden zone; the perfect place to explore autonomy and independence. At first it might be tempting for parents to just lay down the law. But they're up against a lot.


 2016-01-28  24m

episode 13: Letting Go

Sleep can serve as both refuge and captor. That’s the case for Monica, who’s blessed with the enviable ability to consistently sleep through the night, almost without fail, no matter what’s going on. During one of the most difficult times of her life,


 2015-12-30  25m

episode 12: Stars in Unison

The moon, the stars and the tides are through-lines connecting us to the beginning of life on our planet. These lines can flicker in and out of awareness in the glare of modern culture. But there are ancient creatures living among us,


 2015-11-23  21m

episode 11: Triumph’s Ring

Things happen sometimes that don’t make sense, that we can’t explain. And would we really want to if we could? Read more →


 2015-10-27  24m

episode 10: Playground Rules

The blurred edges of the night can inspire excitement and transformation. The shroud of darkness emboldens some to reveal hidden aspects of their personality, sometimes with gleeful abandon. Read more →


 2015-09-13  24m