A storytelling show that explores the night, the landscape of the unseen, and how thoughts, feelings and behaviors transform in the dark.

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episode 12: Stars in Unison

The moon, the stars and the tides are through-lines connecting us to the beginning of life on our planet. These lines can flicker in and out of awareness in the glare of modern culture. But there are ancient creatures living among us,


 2015-11-23  21m

episode 11: Triumph’s Ring

Things happen sometimes that don’t make sense, that we can’t explain. And would we really want to if we could? Read more →


 2015-10-27  24m

episode 10: Playground Rules

The blurred edges of the night can inspire excitement and transformation. The shroud of darkness emboldens some to reveal hidden aspects of their personality, sometimes with gleeful abandon. Read more →


 2015-09-13  24m

episode 9: Forward Momentum

Sometimes the best way out of the darkness is to walk through it. A woman transforms her life through motion. Read more →


 2015-08-11  17m

episode 8: Into, Under, Through

The darkness of night offers rich opportunities to mine and explore our fears. When you choose to walk straight into the darkness you don’t know what you’ll find; both outside in the shadows, and deep inside yourself. Read more →


 2015-07-06  26m

episode 7: The Vanishing Dark

The stars are disappearing. We're losing natural darkness. It's happened rapidly, but just slowly enough that it's hard to notice. But once your eyes open to the vanishing dark, you see it everywhere. Can we bring back the night sky? Read more →


 2015-06-04  30m

episode 6: (This is Not) A Love Song

A man, a bird, and a hose. The sounds of night can delight or enrage, in equal parts; and lack of sleep can lead to desperate measures, in some. Read more →


 2015-05-01  24m

episode 5: A Hole in the Night

Al Wilkinson drove a big rig through the night for 28 years, and it was a new experience each time. The runs offered beautiful scenery and time to think, but one dark rainy night this peaceful solitude fell out from under him. Read more →


 2015-04-01  25m

episode 4: Alter Hours

Amanda Gefter is nocturnal. Really. Being an extreme night owl works for her in a lot of ways, especially since she makes her living as a writer. But her normal patterns are being shaken up by a new love in her life – the first day-dwelling guy she’s e...


 2015-03-06  27m

episode 3: What the Baker Saw

While working at night in the wilds of the Marin Headlands, baker Eduardo Morell witnesses the struggle between life and death. This struggle plays out all around us all the time, in ways both large and small. Read more →


 2015-01-22  21m