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Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA where our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is that this podcast will encourage you in your relationship with God. Visit us at

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Love, Dates & Heartbreaks, Part 1: The Right Person Myth // Andy Stanley

In relationships, we often believe if we find the right person it will make everything right. So we ask ourselves, “Is this the right person for me?” Maybe we need to be asking a different question—a question that shifts our focus from seeking the right kind of person to becoming the right kind of person.


 2019-08-04  38m

Out of the Shallows, Part 3: We > Me // Jamey Dickens

Many of us have viewed faith as something we do alone. We might have said that it’s private. But there’s a limit to our faith growth when we go it alone. There’s a deepening to our faith that we only experience together. When it comes to consistently growing our faith, “we” is greater than “me.” Who’s spurring on your faith and whose faith are you spurring on?


 2019-07-28  43m

Out of the Shallows, Part 2: Work it Out // Jamey Dickens

Moving out of the shallows starts with feeding ourselves spiritually. But if we stop at that first step, we’ll be left spiritually fat rather than spiritually fit. How do we prevent that from happening? The next step involves a spiritual workout that’s unique for each of us.


 2019-07-21  41m

Out of the Shallows, Part 1: Pick Up the Fork // Jamey Dickens

No one strives to be shallow. We all want something real and relationships with depth. But how do we grow deeper spiritually? The journey starts with a step that each of us can only take for ourselves.


 2019-07-14  42m

You’re Not the Boss of Me, Part 6: Undercover Boss // Andy Stanley

When we see someone we care about make bad decisions, we can either confront them about it or hope someone else does. Many times we opt for the latter, under the guise of being kind, not wanting to interfere, or waiting for them to ask for our input. But we should ask ourselves: are we really being kind, or are we letting fear, discomfort, or indifference be the boss of us?


 2019-07-07  37m

You’re Not the Boss of Me, Part 5: Fear // Andy Stanley

All of us walk through life with occasional fear. And it’s not always a bad thing. Fear is a byproduct of our ability to think about what might happen in the future, and it can protect us from harm. However, living with too much fear can cause us to be self-absorbed, distracted, and overly protective. But the good news is this: You don’t have to be afraid even when there’s something to be afraid of.


 2019-06-30  35m

You’re Not the Boss of Me, Part 4: Anger // Andy Stanley

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 2019-06-23  41m

You’re Not the Boss of Me, Part 3: Envy // Andy Stanley

Envy causes us to compare and compete with others in an unhealthy way. It brings arrogance when we’re winning and discouragement when we’re not. It robs us of contentment and causes us to feel like—as an ancient king put it—we’re chasing after the wind. But envy doesn’t have to be the boss.


 2019-06-16  38m

You’re Not the Boss of Me, Part 2: Guilt // Andy Stanley

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 2019-06-09  37m

You're Not the Boss of Me, Part 1: From the Heart // Andy Stanley

We all monitor our behavior to some degree. This keeps us out of trouble and helps us in our personal and professional relationships. But Jesus invites his followers to take monitoring a step further.


 2019-06-02  35m