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Welcome to the weekly audio podcast for North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA where our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Our desire is that this podcast will encourage you in your relationship with God. Visit us at

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Welcome To Wonderland: Center of the World // Andy Stanley

We wonder because our frame of reference doesn’t provide us with all of the answers. As our frame of reference changes or expands, some mysteries are solved. Some remain mysterious. So what do you do with the big mysteries in life—the mysteries that won't resolve no matter how much we explore them? What do you do with your unanswered questions?


 2017-12-03  36m

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Dissatisfaction with what we have and what we can afford can lead to discontentment. We live in a culture that tells us newer and shinier is better. So, what do you do when you're no longer content with what you wear, drive, or live in?


 2017-11-26  39m

Be Rich 2017: A Childlike Faith

Sometimes faith turns into religion. Devotion becomes obligation, and suddenly you feel like you’re just going through the motions. If that’s you feel right now, how do you recapture a rich faith? If it’s not how you feel, how do you prevent your rich faith from slipping away?


 2017-11-19  48m

Be Rich 2017: Andy Stanley with Jeff Foxworthy - "Just Say Yes"

When the church does good, God’s name is made great. This year, we want to continue the wave of Be Rich good deeds we’ve experienced over the past decade. We want to show people in our communities that God loves them. And we don’t want you to miss this opportunity to be extraordinarily generous.


 2017-11-12  45m

Be Rich 2017: Andy Stanley - "Hands On"

At the heart of the Christian faith is this idea: in Jesus, God became one of us and dwelt among us. When it comes to those around us who are hurting and in need, the God who dwelt among us calls his followers to be hands on.


 2017-11-05  34m

What Happy Couples Know: It's a Choice

Happy couples decide they owe each other everything but are owed nothing in return. But that requires effort. Every married person makes a choice every day. That choice feels more like a reaction, so most people don’t think they have a choice at all. But they do. Happy couples make the happy choice.


 2017-10-29  31m

What Happy Couples Know: Sometimes You Have to Throw Things

As long as you think your spouse owes you, your marriage will be all about keeping score. That destroys intimacy. It destroys love. But what are we supposed to do about our hopes, dreams, and desires?


 2017-10-22  39m

What Happy Couples Know: It's Mutual

We all enter into marriage with hopes, dreams, and desires. They create expectations. But when you put those expectations onto your spouse, it turns your marriage into a debt/debtor relationship. Your relationship becomes marked by the belief that your spouse owes you something. So, how do you keep your hopes, dreams, and desires from becoming expectations?


 2017-10-15  37m

What Happy Couples Know: Nothing

A great marriage doesn’t happen by accident. It requires care and regular maintenance. But sometimes we don’t want to make the effort. As long as it’s not broken, do we really need to talk about it?


 2017-10-08  40m

Scared To Death: The Problem with the Past

Your past is a problem when it creates fear for your future. It limits your potential and gets in the way of a deeper relationship with God.


 2017-10-01  35m