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Urban legends, Conspiracy Theories, True Crime Stories, and so much more. Sit back and relax as I give you strange and unexplained stories primarily from the South, but we get around. Some are based on facts and some based on fiction. Either way, they'll keep you up at night. Support this podcast:

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episode 1: Hinterkaifeck murders

Step into the shadows of a haunting mystery as we delve deep into the chilling story of the Hinterkaifeck murders in this episode. Join us on a journey back in time to the idyllic German countryside of 1922, where an unspeakable crime shattered the tranquility of a seemingly peaceful farmstead.

In this episode, we carefully piece together the details of the Hinterkaifeck murders, exploring the lives of the unsuspecting victims and the eerie events leading up to that fateful night...


 December 29, 2023  13m

episode 16: The Toa Payoh Ritual Murders: The crimes that shocked Singapore

The Toa Payoh ritual murders took place in Singapore in 1981. On 25 January, the body of a nine-year-old girl was found at a block of public housing flats in the town of Toa Payoh, and two weeks later, the body of a ten-year-old boy was found nearby.

The murders were masterminded by Adrian Lim, a self-styled healer who pretended to have supernatural powers and scammed people for years...


 January 13, 2023  13m

episode 15: The Real Walking Dead: Zombies, Do They Exist? they exist? Technically yes and no. In this episode we explore cases of real life zombification. We are going to Haiti, where a large percentage of the population believe that zombie's are a very real thing, and after hearing these stories you might be convinced as well.

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 December 14, 2022  35m

episode 14: A Very Special Samhain: Tales From The Forest

In this episode we have a special guest that will tell us tales from the forests of Brittany, France. Also I will read one listener story and dive into the lore of the "Hide-Behind", the missing village of Anjukini, and a Detroit Haunting.

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 October 31, 2022  56m

episode 13: Oscarville A.K.A Lake Lanier

There’s a city buried under Lake Lanier (Georgia’s biggest lake), and submerged with it is a secret: An American horror story filled with terror, death, genocide, and ghosts.

If you spend any time in or around Atlanta, you’ve heard tales of Lake Lanier. There are the eerie accounts of fishermen seeing ghostly kayaks floating on the water, or women with no hands roaming the Jerry D. Jackson bridge...


 October 27, 2022  30m

episode 12: The Silent Twins June and Jennifer Gibbons

In April of 1963 at the military hospital in Aden, Yemen, a pair of twin girls were born. Their births were not unusual, nor were their dispositions as infants, but soon enough, their parents began to see that June and Jennifer Gibbons were not like other girls...

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 October 13, 2022  18m

episode 11: The Multiverse Theory

The multiverse theory, also known as the parallel universe theory, proposes that our universe isn't the only one in existence.In fact, there are multiple universes, sometimes called parallel universes or alternative universes, that exist in separate dimensions from our own reality and are governed by different laws of physics, resulting in the formation of different worlds...


 March 21, 2022  36m

episode 10: Who Put Bella In The Wychelm?

It's been 79 years since the notorious graffiti showed up around town. Written in white paint, the word's "Who Put Bella In The Wychelm" would cement this unsolved case in our minds forever. In this episode of Not Another Horror Podcast, we will explore the history of this case. This is a true horror so make sure you have your notepads out. Who would put a young woman inside of a tree, chop her hands off, and sprinkle the bones around the tree? Well...maybe we will find out...


 March 1, 2022  17m

episode 9: A Lover's Lane Valentine's Day Killing

The 1971 murders of Jesse McBane, 20, and Patricia Mann, 19, in Durham, North Carolina haunt the community to this day. The young lovers disappeared after attending Valentine’s dance at Watts Hospital.

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 February 17, 2022  19m

episode 8: Three Perfect Strangers

Like something out of a science fiction movie this is a story of one big psychology experiment. When 19-year-old Robert Shafran drove from his home in Scarsdale, NY, to the Catskills for his first day at Sullivan Community College in 1980, he was shocked to find that everyone already knew and adored him.

“Welcome back!” guys said. Girls ran up and kissed him. Finally, a fellow student, Michael Domnitz, connected the dots after asking if Shafran was adopted: “You have a twin!” he said...


 January 10, 2022  19m