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Urban legends, Conspiracy Theories, True Crime Stories, and so much more. Sit back and relax as I give you strange and unexplained stories primarily from the South, but we get around. Some are based on facts and some based on fiction. Either way, they'll keep you up at night. Support this podcast:

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episode 19: The Houston Decapitator Season 1 Side B Episode 19 (Featuring Keith Ashby)

The Houston Decapitator

On July 27, 1979, a man named Bob  Smith showed up to the 900 block of Glenmont in the Gulfton area of  southwest Houston to pick up a co-worker, secretary Alys Elaine Rankin while her car was being repaired. Smith approached the front door which was slightly opened and looked in to see Rankin laying naked on her bed with her feet bound and a pillow covering her upper body, Smith removed the pillow, only to see her head was gone...


 April 30, 2021  17m

episode 18: Unknown Caller S1 Side B Episode 18

From frantic 911 calls to disturbing unknown numbers this episode has it all. With audio directly from the calls. Listening to this episode at night is probably not a good idea.  Website:     Murder Me Tinderly:     Buy Me A Coffee and help support the show:     Instagram:    Twitter: https://www.twitter...


 April 16, 2021  32m

episode 17: The Boys (A Yuba City Tragedy) S1 Side B Episode 17

On their way home to Yuba County, the men decided to stop at a gas station and buy some snacks. They had all piled into Jack M’s Mercury Montenegro. This would be the last time any of these five young men would be seen again. After they failed to return that night, the parents of the young men (most of whom lived at home) began to worry and filed police reports. Bill, Jack H., and Ted were diagnosed as mentally delayed, Jack M...


 April 9, 2021  28m

episode 16: The Big Lonely S1 Side B Ep 16

With the sheer empty remoteness of vast stretches of I-80 and the myriad options for disposing of bodies in the bleak desert wilderness, the highway is undeniably an attractive hunting ground for killers. This is some of the most remote land in the United States, where one can drive hours without seeing a single sign of civilization or another human soul and patrols by police are infrequent...


 April 1, 2021  1h9m

episode 15: A Las Vegas Horror Story

Las Vegas...a city almost synonymous with a good time. Millions of people flock to sin city every year. in 2019 alone Las Vegas received an estimated 42 Million visitors. Unfortunately Las Vegas is synonymous with something else...murder...cursed hotels...and suicide. In this episode we are going to explore some ghost stories and I'm even going to tell you a personal one. From a cursed hotel, to people living underground, and possessed wax figures...this episode has it all.   Website: www...


 March 25, 2021  44m

episode 14: Georgia Tann The Baby Thief Of Memphis S1 Side B Ep 14

You could never sell the story of Georgia Tann as fiction. Imagine trying to peddle a novel about a butch lesbian—in Depression-era Memphis, of all places—with a taste for fine cars and fancy houses, who makes a  fortune stealing children from poor folks and selling them to anyone anywhere with sufficient cash. This she-devil is assisted by dozens of accomplices, including a crooked judge and the most powerful politician in the state... Website: www.notanotherhorrorpodcast...


 March 18, 2021  21m

episode 13: The Cabinet Of Curiosities S1 Side B Ep 13 The Zombie Chicken

In this final installment of the Cabinet Of Curiosities we dive into some more strange cases. A chicken that lived 18 months after being decapitated,A circus manager killed by black magick, a conjoined twin that died of fear, and the tragic story of the Elephant Man.

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 March 11, 2021  21m

episode 12: The Cabinet Of Curiosities S1 Side B Ep 12

The circus is in town. This week we dive into the second part of the Cabinet Of Curiosities. In this episode we will explore Grady Stiles a.k.a lobster boy, and tell you how he committed murder, pleaded guilty, and still walked away free.

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 March 4, 2021  14m

episode 11: The Cabinet Of Curiosities S1 Side B Ep 11

The circus is in town. This week we dive into the Cabinet Of Curosities. What PT Barnum poetically called his band of "Freaks". PT Barnum wasn't the savior everyone thought he was and even then the circus itself had a lifelong effect for these people. In this episode we'll talk about three cases. The woman who started it all Joice Heth, Eko and Iko, and The bearded lady Annie Jones. Grab a seat and get ready for the greatest show in town.  Beyond Terrestrial Link: https://shows.acast...


 February 25, 2021  24m

episode 10: Erotomania S1 Ep 10

Theodor Seuss Geisel once said that you know you’re in love when you can’t  fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. But  sometimes love is one-sided, and triggers hate which makes people  do the unthinkable... In this Valentine's Day episode we will explore four cases of Erotomania...


 February 14, 2021  22m