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Notes on Doing (NOD) is a series of inspiring interviews with people who love what they do, with host Jenna Matecki. IG: @notesondoing FB: /notesondoingseries contact:

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009: Kaitlin Baird on jumping into the deep end

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 009 where Jenna interviews Kaitlin Baird, a science educator who works at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences. She directs science curriculum development, programming and workshops for the renowned BIOS Ocean...


 2015-10-30  56m

008: Ryan Ho on surrounding yourself with inspiration

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 008 with Ryan Ho, the architect who founded the Square Cube architecture firm. His work can be found in apartments, homes, businesses, buildings, and public spaces all throughout New York City. Here’s what he had to...


 2015-10-26  56m

007: Austance Caroline on not giving a fuck

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 007 where Jenna interviews Austance Caroline. Austi is a fashion designer who recently launched her first capsule collection “In Search of Elsewhere” to immense commercial success. Austi has worked in the New York...


 2015-10-22  47m

006: Marco Vinicio Morales on the things you don’t think about

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 006 where Jenna interviews Marco Vinicio Morales, Name on the street: Kultnation, Name to friends: Vinny. Vinny is a famous designer and director in the moving image industry. Throughout his career he has been chosen...


 2015-10-19  1h6m

005: Rick Webb on just doing it

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 005 where Jenna interviews Rick Webb, a writer, tech advisor, venture partner, angel investor, marketing and sales consultant, board member of the VCU Brandcenter, former co-founder of The Barbarian Group,...


 2015-10-15  1h24m

004: Sable Yong on confidence

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 004 where Jenna interviews Sable Yong, a beauty editor and founder of Liner Notes Mag, a new publication that focuses on beauty in the music community. Listen to what Sable had to say about working in the beauty...


 2015-10-12  45m

003: Christaan Felber on seeing things differently

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 003 where Jenna interviews Christaan Felber, a photographer commissioned for publications such as The New York Times Magazine, ESPN Magazine, and The New Yorker, and companies such as Nike and RedBull Records. He has...


 2015-10-08  46m

002: Antonia Santangelo on being curious

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 002 where Jenna interviews Antonia Santangelo, a zoo archaeologist and anthropologist with a focus on the Black Sea and the ancient Near East. She teaches university classes, travels around the world, and researches...


 2015-10-05  1h32m

001: Nik Mikros & Josh DeBonis on loving the game

Notes on Doing's NODcast Episode 001 where Jenna interviews Nik Mikros & Josh DeBonis, the game designers behind BumbleBear Games and the famous 10-player arcade game, Killer Queen. Killer Queen is a game where "two teams, each led by a powerful...


 2015-10-01  44m