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No topic is off limits in this weekly podcast hosted by Chris & Jess. From pop culture to politics, new topics are discussed every Sunday.

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episode 28: E29: Zhushing, Self-Care, and Instagram Challenges

Chris and Jess discuss "zhushing", the importance of self-care, and the #ZoomChallenge? All that and more!


 2018-07-29  36m

episode 27: E28: When is the right time to have "the talk"?

Someone you're dating tells you "I don't want to get married", how do you react? What does that mean? Chris and Jess discuss this hot topic plus a lot more!


 2018-07-22  48m

episode 26: E27: Jess shames Chris!

Chris and Jess discuss Chris' "YouTube celebrity" past, the newest apps they're using, and a whole lot more! It's time for tea!


 2018-07-15  46m

episode 25: E26: A conflicted Canada Day

Chris and Jess have an important discussion about what Canada Day means to Jess. 


 2018-07-09  44m

episode 24: E25: Happy Pride!

Jess attends her first pride festival and Chris discusses what pride means to him! Plus - Chris and Jess share an "Oprah advice moment". 


 2018-06-25  30m

episode 23: E24: We love Dads and we hate Tidal!

Chris and Jess discuss Beyonce and Jay-Z's new album, share some words on Father's Day (yass!!), and talk about how much they love Tidal! Plus, Chris has no clue who The Game is!?


 2018-06-18  37m

episode 22: E23: And we're back!

We're back, we've missed you! Chris and Jess discuss what's going on in their lives and why they took a hiatus.


 2018-06-11  32m

episode 21: E22: Is Life Easy Millennials?

Chris & Jess are heading back to Canada after a few days in Vegas! In this pre-recorded podcast they discuss the controversial article "6 ways life is easier for millennials than it was for their parents" and more!


 2018-04-01  38m

episode 20: E21: Misleading Photos & Celine Cancelled on Us!

Chris and Jess discuss misleading photos and that time Celine Dion cancelled on us! Plus "March for our Lives" is also discussed.


 2018-03-25  32m

episode 19: E20: Our 20th Episode Celebration!

Chris & Jess celebrate their 20th episode! Join in as they discuss a sober St. Patrick's Day, new Netflix addictions, and find out what someone someone called Jess! It's time for tea!


 2018-03-20  36m