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Current conversations and evidence-based practice issues related to Emergency Nursing.

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episode 62: Episode 62 - Vaccines and the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

This month we talk about the types of vaccines and focus on the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine and dispel the myths circulating about it. 


 2021-03-01  45m

episode 61: Episode 61 - Opinion - WEAR A MASK!

This month we talk about mask wearing and share our opinions on mask wearing.  And really we ask the question...why is this even a question?  Love us or hate us...we have an opinion on the matter!  Note this was recorded mid-September 2020 and took us a...


 2021-01-01  28m

episode 60: Episode 60 - The Intersections of COVID, Opiates and Harm Reduction

This month we interview world-renowned harm reduction epidemiologist Dr. Jane Buxton about how the COVID pandemic has crossed with the opiate crises and harm reduction.   Dr. Buxton is truly inspiring in her approach to addictions medicine and...


 2020-12-01  57m

episode 59: Episode 59 - COVID Chat with an Infectious Disease Specialist

This month we talk to Dr. Robert Reynolds a 'friendly-neighbourhood' infectious disease specialist about COVID.  A mish mash of questions and thoughts for our little conversation.,


 2020-06-01  42m

episode 58: Episode 58 - A Collective 102 Years of Service Have a Chat

Join Landon, Monique and Dr. Bob Anthony who combined have 102 Years of Emergency Medicine/Nursing Practice.  We have a chat about what's changed and how COVID-19 has caused lots of us to pause and reflect on our situation.  And for those interested,...


 2020-05-01  36m

episode 57: Episode 57 - Anticoagulants and Reversal with Dr. Shih

This month we talk with Dr. Andrew Shih, your friendly neighbourhood hematologist (back by popular demand) about anticoagulants and how to reverse them in bleeding.


 2020-04-01  46m

episode 56: Episode 56 - Agitation and Behaviour Control with Dr. Gary Andolfatto

This month we welcome back our special guest Dr. Gary Andolfatto to talk about behavioural and agitation control using multiple medications...and of course...ketamine!


 2020-03-01  36m

episode 55: Episode 55 - Vasopressors! FINALLY!

Our most requested topic!  This month we talk about vasopressors in detail and which ones to use when.


 2020-02-01  45m

episode 54: Episode 54 - "Crystal" Clear - GOUT!

This month we talk about gout - what is it?  Different types?  Who knew?  Now you will!


 2020-01-01  21m

episode 53: Episode 53 - When to Tranfuse? Blood Management with Your Friendly Neighbourhood Transfusion Specialist...

This month we talk again with everyone's favourite transfusion specialist about when to transfuse.  Lower hemoglobin levels are well tolerated and learn about what we might be doing to even cause anemia! 


 2019-12-01  49m