October Jones & Fish with Legs

A determined but misguided teenage girl and a blindly optimistic fish in high heels go on a semi-epic quest to save the world in this funny fantasy adventure series that walks the delicate balance between hope and cynicism.


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Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 8 hours 16 minutes


episode 4: S01E04 Girl V Iguana: Dawn of Deceit

During a brief respite in the wetlands, tensions rise between October and Cherry Blossom... ACTORS: Manfred - Alexander Cruz; Dragonfly Guard - Takeshi Fukushima; Cherry Blossom, Fish with Legs - Zoë Bujold; October - Erin Dunlop; Narrator - Elisabeth N...


 2020-10-26  20m

episode 3: S01E03 The Perks of Being a Hat-Maker

October and Fish visit October‘s parents, the exclusive hat suppliers to the entire Herovian guard...


 2020-10-19  22m

episode 2: S01E02 The Girl Who Cried Snake

Big men, big hats, big... iguanas? October and Fish sneak into the blue tent to seek help from Herovia‘s No.1 hero, Manfred Splainer, the Mighty…


 2020-10-19  16m

episode 1: S01E01 Let‘s Begin

Fish with Legs (a fish with legs) has been captured by a mysterious cabal led by a two-headed snake. What are they planning? Why do they want to collect all of the Elemental Creatures? Maybe this surly teenage girl can help?


 2020-10-19  19m

Introducing: October and Fish!

“Hey, if you wanna check out the show this is a good place to start. We’ll tell you what it is and you can see if you like it.” -Dexter, November 2020 If you’re interested follow us here, on Instagram, or Facebook to keep up to date with episodes, and vi...


 2020-10-12  1m