October Jones & Fish with Legs

A determined but misguided teenage girl and a blindly optimistic fish in high heels go on a semi-epic quest to save the world in this funny fantasy adventure series that walks the delicate balance between hope and cynicism.


Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 20m. Bisher sind 26 Folge(n) erschienen. Dieser Podcast erscheint wöchentlich.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 8 hours 38 minutes


episode 11: S01E10 Our Lady Fierce

October‘s plans were halted on the cusp of morally dubious victory by Manfred Splainer, who arrested her and Fish. Let‘s see where they ended up…


 2021-01-18  16m

episode 12: S01E11 Hedgehogs & Hedgetrimmers

October starts her new job, and Fish makes a new friend. Naturally, chaos ensues…


 2021-01-25  16m

episode 13: S01E12 Unicorn Fight!

As the battle rages on, October and her new ally search for Fish…


 2021-02-01  20m

episode 14: S01E13 Beware the Dog

October‘s betrayal causes a rift in the duo. A despondent Fish and an apologetic October seek refuge in a mysterious castle…


 2021-02-08  16m

episode 15: S01E14 Fish with Legs, Where Are You!

What is Abby‘s mysterious ”event”? Fish snoops around the castle and enters the not-at-all-suspicious-definitely-not-sinister basement…


 2021-02-15  15m

episode 16: S01E15 Interview with the Dracula

Trapped! October and Fish venture deeper into the catacombs beneath Chateau Puppy, as they attempt to escape the maze with their lives…


 2021-02-22  23m

episode 17: S01E16 Sisterhood of the Travelling Fish

After facing corrupt doctors, evil government wizards and even each other, October and Fish finally reach the Plains of Breezil…


 2021-03-01  13m

episode 18: S01E17 Little Fish on the Prairie

As Simon and Sarfunkel get closer and closer, October and Fish must get past the buff cows to warn the Elemental Creature of Air in time…


 2021-03-08  22m

episode 19: S01E18 Spoiler Alert: Blimp

October and Fish finally meet the Elemental Creature of Air, just as Simon and Sarfunkel arrive at the Plains of Breezil…


 2021-03-15  22m

episode 20: IPM21 Sidequesting Crossover: Loch Pet Monster

While October and Fish are missing, the Narrator follows Rion, the avoidant but helpful hero of Sidequesting. It’s a crossover! (In partnership with International Podcast Month.)


 2021-09-20  19m