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Patrick and Marc take a bizarre journey through the world of anime, video games and popular culture, discussing industry news, current events and currently airing shows along the way.


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THE QUARANTINE REUNION | Oh no, Anime! the Podcast

We've returned from deep inside quarantine to reunite and get some anime-talking out of our system! We'll discuss all the quarantine-related anime news, and obviously talk about stuff we're watching and have watched like Keep your hands off Eizouken,...


 May 6, 2020  1h55m

The Lore of Evangelion: Part 4 | Audio Encyclopedia

The 4th and final episode in the Lore of Evangelion audio encyclopedia series. I sit down with Danny and K from Anime is Lit! to talk about the Evangelion units and pilots, Third Impact and obviously much, much more. Stick around after the ending...


 September 30, 2019  2h11m

The Lore of Evangelion: Part 3 | Audio Encyclopedia

The Evangelion lore train continues to roll as I'm joined by Danny and K of Anime is Lit! to enter the world of the Evangelion TV series, including the creation of Rei Ayanami, NERV, the Angels and much more. Anime is Lit can be found on Twitter HERE,...


 September 23, 2019  1h21m

The Lore of Evangelion: Part 2 | Audio Encyclopedia

I'm joined once again by Danny and K of Anime is Lit! to finish our outline of the timeline of events leading up to the Evangelion TV show. Anime is Lit can be found on Twitter HERE, and their podcast can be found HERE. https://ohnoanime.moe/


 July 10, 2019  1h2m

The Lore of Evangelion: Part 1 | Audio Encyclopedia

In the first part of a new series celebrating Neon Genesis Evangelion's addition to Netflix, I sit down with our friends Danny and K to begin creating a definitive podcast guide for the lore of the Evangelion TV series. You can find the soul...


 June 21, 2019  1h8m

Perfect Blues Preview Episode | SUBSCRIBE IN DESCRIPTION

I'm starting a new music podcast where I sit down with a new guest every episode and talk about an anime music composer or creator of their choice. This is a special preview of the first episode that I recorded with Kat, and I encourage you to...


 May 21, 2019  1h18m

Answering your Twitter questions!

I sit down for an hour and answer some of your questions from Twitter! It's as simple as that.   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ohnoanime   Website: http://www.ohnoanime.moe Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ohnoanime


 April 2, 2019  57m

The Wings of Honneamise and Uru in Blue | Audio Encyclopedia

Take a deep dive inside Gainax's stylish and visually striking first anime Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise, and its unfinished sequel Uru in Blue, stuck in production hell for over 20 years. The Indestructible Studio Gainax Article Series...


 November 19, 2018  28m

The Pillows - FooL on CooL Generation and Rebroadcast | Album Review

Check THIS out to watch a video version of this review!   A video review of Japanese rock band and FLCL soundtrackers The Pillows' two newest releases: The FLCL Progressive/Alternative soundtrack album "FooL on CooL Generation", and their newest...


 October 16, 2018  10m

Patrick is leaving. Here's what that means.

Patrick is saying goodbye to Oh no, Anime!, and Marc is going to continue on with it full speed ahead. We both talk about what it's all meant to us up until this point, and what Oh no, Anime! will be going forward.


 September 25, 2018  29m