Twice a week, Ken Jennings and John Roderick add a new entry to the OMNIBUS, an encyclopedic reference work of strange-but-true stories that they are compiling as a time capsule for future generations.

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Episode 533: Rhinos in Europe (Entry 1069.JB3910)

In which Europe is so besotted with exotic ungulates that Roman emperors battle them, artists engrave them badly, and salons honor them in wig form, and John asks about Ken's milk bags. Certificate #27983.



Episode 532: Cannikin (Entry 180.IS0219)

In which underground nuclear testing in Alaska leads two Jewish Quakers into a new age of direct action in environmental activism, and Ken is grateful for the air fryer. Certificate #53211.



Episode 531: The Royal Touch (Entry 1087.MT1902)

In which the divine right of kings, along with golden amulets, is considered the only cure for a disfiguring disease, and John considers which celebrities might be carved from wood. Certificate #22347.



Episode 530: Blue Fugates (Entry 137.DA1006)

In which a rare oxidized form of hemoglobin changes the skin color of a whole holler full of Kentuckians, and Ken wonders when elves got plastic surgery. Certificate #26015.



Episode 529: Korean Age (Entry 692.JB1117)

In which the world's first cultural superpower decides to make all its citizens a year or two younger overnight, and John could not have been a better baby. Certificate #38756.



Episode 528: Emperor Norton (Entry 408.MT2221)

In which a colorful newcomer to San Francisco loses a fortune on Peruvian rice and declares himself American royalty, and Ken would have pixelized Kiss. Certificate #42631.


 2022-12-29  1h13m

Episode 527: The Grey Album (Entry 550.MT1906)

In which a future music megastar bridges the gap between rock and hip-hop with one ambitious, illegal remix album, and John is such a good ally that he listened to Suzanne Vega. Certificate #19205.


 2022-12-27  1h23m

Episode 526: Christmas KFC (Entry 220.DE1411)

In which a western religious holiday becomes a romantic poultry-eating occasion in modern Japan, and Ken destroys all his Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. Certificate #24940.


 2022-12-22  1h14m

Episode 525: The First Council of Nicaea (Entry 472.AC1502)

In which an emperor convenes the first ever ecumenical council to figure out just whom Christians have been worshiping all this time, and John thinks the invention of the wheel led to mass depravity. Certificate #23027.


 2022-12-20  1h27m

Episode 524: Custer the Wolf (Entry 308.JN1012)

In which a national campaign to eradicate a misunderstood predator from the United States very nearly succeeds, and Ken would like to see John James Audubon burning in a pit. Certificate #52363.


 2022-12-15  1h10m