Every week, Ken Jennings and John Roderick add a new entry to the OMNIBUS, an encyclopedic reference work of strange-but-true stories that they are compiling as a time capsule for future generations.

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Stickball (Entry 1225.MK0608)

In which a village pastime for Sussex dairymaids gets urbanized into an exciting neighborhood pick-up sport in American inner cities, and John wants to pick the bittle up. Certificate #13472.



Bioplastics (Entry 124.EZ3629)

In which attempts to replace petrochemical plastic with corn and sawdust face fatal challenges of scale and efficiency, and Ken has never made a Prius. Certificate #32944.



The Push Button (Entry 1012.DE0611)

In which the influence of spinet pianos and telegraph keys produces a satisfying new device interface for the electric age, and John thinks aliens just want a cuddle. Certificate #42007.



Jersey Barriers (Entry 671.IS5714)

In which the development of guardrail and concrete divider technology makes highway driving massively safer over the decades, and Ken lies under oath in a deposition. Certificate #40991.



Joanna Southcott's Box (Entry 673.GN4910)

In which twenty-four bishops refuse to open the secret prophecies that will save Britain from war and banditry, and John wants to be called "Dicebox." Certificate #49596.


 March 14, 2024  1h33m

Episode 590: Vanity Plates (Entry 1383.EC1208)

In which car registration numbers become modes for personalized creative expression and eventually a multimillion-dollar commodity, and Ken does not say "auto." Certificate #37808.


 March 7, 2024  1h30m

Episode 589: The Earth from Space (Entry 391.GN0115)

In which centuries of inaccurate illustrations of our planet are abruptly upended by satellites and awestruck astronauts, and John never drew spaceships, just Japanese fighter planes. Certificate #35817.


 February 29, 2024  1h15m

Episode 588: The Food Pyramid (Entry 487.MT0611)

In which budget-conscious Swedes rearrange American ideas about nutritious eating, and Ken is pretty sure M&Ms are not getting smaller. Certificate #54063.


 February 22, 2024  1h21m

Episode 587: The Guano Islands Act (Entry 554.PS10407)

In which we celebrate 167 years of Americans being able to claim any island they like as long as it has enough bird poop on it, and John thinks you can dip a pole in liberty. Certificate #39867.


 February 15, 2024  1h6m

Episode 586: The Great Idaho Beaver Drop (Entry 548.JL0202)

In which a remote part of Idaho solves its beaver dam problem with some surplus parachutes and an even more remote part of Idaho, and Ken applies the transitive property to mules and culverts. Certificate #31297.


 February 8, 2024  1h20m