Twice a week, Ken Jennings and John Roderick add a new entry to the OMNIBUS, an encyclopedic reference work of strange-but-true stories that they are compiling as a time capsule for future generations.

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Episode 378: Games Buddha Wouldn't Play (Entry 514.PP0203)

In which a great spiritual leader lists all the kinds of dice and pick-up sticks and toy windmills that are off-limits to the enlightened, and Ken wants to lick a tetherball pole. Certificate #25968.



Episode 377: Union Dixie (Entry 1368.EZ2046)

In which the same folk song is embraced by both sides of the U.S. Civil War, albeit with different lyrics, and John accuses a Supreme Court justice of having a racist ringtone. Certificate #27330.



Episode 376: Mulberry Mania (Entry 815.2S0523)

In which early America, hoping to keep up with the Chinese, is caught up in an obsession with white mulberry trees, and Ken marvels at the hanky-panky that must go on in every Olympic Village. Certificate #26780.



Episode 375: An African in Greenland (Entry 022.JB3132)

In which a young man from French Togoland survives a snake attack and embarks on a lifelong quest to see the Arctic, and John loses a large rooster. Certificate #36809.



Episode 374: Wuppertal Schwebebahn (Entry 1448.DE0227)

In which a German industrial town builds a unique new type of suspension railway that fails to catch on worldwide, and Ken disses the Eiffel Tower. Certificate #36460.



Episode 373: Goat Glands (Entry 536.AC0409)

In which a Midwestern quack becomes a radio tycoon (and almost governor of Kansas) by extolling the virtues of animal testicles, and John eats cheese out of a pocket. Certificate #42674.



Episode 372: Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath (Entry 423.JB3104)

In which we are introduced to the most exclusive cinema-musico-academic club on earth, and Ken volunteers to provide a guest rap. Certificate #32655.



Episode 371: The Zaire Space Program (Entry 1455.PS11516)

In which a maverick German engineer tries to give an African dictator his very own space program, and John reminds us that astronauts are often quite short. Certificate #48059.


 2021-06-29  1h14m

Episode 370: The 1871 Whaling Disaster (Entry 399.1T0119)

In which a city-sized segment of the world's whaling fleet is trapped together in Arctic ice off Alaska, and Ken blames the horrors of the industrial world on whale ghosts. Certificate #31403.


 2021-06-24  1h19m

Episode 369: James Frazier Reed (Entry 1044.EZ0510)

In which one pioneer's midlife crisis leads him to a brush with Donner Party death and then prosperity in gold rush California, and John is tempted to murder a bassist with a whip handle. Certificate #51638.


 2021-06-22  1h10m