On A Roll

The On A Roll podcast focuses on better storytelling, better playing and better community through the belief that the only way to win an RPG is to have fun, so Ryan, Carie and Jason are sharing their experiences to help you spend more time winning! Join the Curmudgeon, the Legend and the Favorite as they talk about tabletop gaming, LARPing, MUSHing and keeping your investment in check. Join us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/groups/onarollpodcast) and let us know your thoughts on the show, gaming and having more fun! If you like the show, help support our production and keep us going by supporting On A Roll on Patreon. (http://patreon.com/onarollpodcast)


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episode 305: Live - Ask Me... Whatever

Gearing up with tech and bravery, the Curmudgeon, the Legend and the Favorite take on Facebook Live and hold their second "Ask Me Anything"-style show. Ryan, Carie and Jason talk about their past games, the games they want to play, why they do this podcast and everything else they get asked by our listeners.


 2020-03-05  1h2m

episode 304: Session Zero

We talk a lot about Session Zero, so the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend decided to deep dive into just what a Session Zero is. Carie, Jason and Ryan discuss why games need Session Zero and what should happen at them!


 2020-02-27  1h8m

episode 303: In Character Romance

Love was in the air this week (blaaaaghhhh!), so the Curmudgeon and the Legend decided to talk about in character romances. Carie and Ryan dig into the topic, looking at the differences between loving at the tabletop, loving at a larp and loving in a MUSH, as well as the reasons and results of these relationships!


 2020-02-20  58m

episode 302: Visiting The Midnight World

Indie game developers James Davey and Jim Beverly join the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend to talk about their upcoming tabletop rpg, The Midnight World. Carie, Jason and Ryan talk with these two incredible combat veterans about their game and its unique focus on PTSD and mental health awareness!


 2020-02-13  1h10m

episode 301: Better Than Fine DMing

It's the first episode of season 3!! Ryan, Jason and Carie return to talk about how you can tell if you are a great DM and what makes a storyteller better than "fine."


 2020-02-06  57m

episode 239: Thankful Gaming

This week is our final episode of season 2, so the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend spend some time talking about what they are thankful for in gaming. Carie, Jason and Ryan do some Thanksgiving work and share some love before the break! Season 3 will signal our hosts' return in January 2020!


 2019-11-27  57m

episode 238: The Gun Belt

After two seasons of trying, the Favorite and the Legend finally convince the Curmudgeon to let them talk to him about his independent roleplaying game project. Carie, Jason and Ryan spend some time this week exploring the frontier, wild west world without wheels featured in The Gun Belt!


 2019-11-22  1h8m

episode 237: Problem DMs

The Curmudgeon and the Legend have talked a lot about problem players, but this week they have a conversation about what happens when the game runner is the problem. Carie and Ryan do a deep dive into how gamers can address and prevent problem DMs!


 2019-11-14  59m

episode 236: What the Heck is MUSH?

This week, the Curmudgeon and the Legend hang out with Sarah to do a deep dive into what the heck MUSHing is. Carie, Sarah and Ryan discuss the hobby, how it works and what makes it the same and different from other kinds of roleplaying games!


 2019-10-17  1h12m

episode 235: Ten Things That Will Make Your Character Better

Continuing the Ten Things lists, this week the Favorite, the Curmudgeon and the Legend talk about better characters. Carie, Jason and Ryan assemble a list of the Ten Things That Will Make Your Character Better!


 2019-10-11  1h5m