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Crisis In Syria

The body count surges in Syria. The US closes its embassy. Russia and China have the West fuming over their UN veto. Where is this headed?


 2012-02-07  46m

Back To The Farmland

The dream and reality of living off the land. A novice farmer tells his story.


 2011-04-08  45m

Week In The News

Budget showdown in Washington. A major 9-11 trial is sent to Guantanamo. A full airliner rips open in flight. Our weekly news roundtable goes behind the headlines.


 2011-04-08  46m

Reimagining Malcolm X

A new telling of the life of Malcolm X, from a biographer who’s already gone.


 2011-04-07  44m

Ryan's Plans For Medicare And Medicaid

A new Republican budget plan would mean revolutionary changes for Medicare and Medicaid — for the old and poor and the country’s finances. We’ll look at what’s on the table.


 2011-04-07  23m

Paying For Privacy

Buying back your own privacy. The high cost of keeping your personal information personal.


 2011-04-06  23m

Risking A Government Shutdown

A government shutdown looms as Democrats and Republicans fight over big budget cuts on Capitol Hill. We’ll dive in.


 2011-04-06  45m

Warren Buffett's Investment Dynasty

Scandal, succession, and investment icon Warren Buffet at 80.


 2011-04-05  45m

President Obama's Energy Plan

Every president since Richard Nixon has vowed to get the U.S. off imported oil. We’ll take a tough look at the latest plan — President Obama’s.


 2011-04-05  45m

College Basketball And Money: Should Players Get A Cut?

College basketball’s March Madness makes millions – but not for the players. We’ll tap into the hot debate over sharing the NCAA spoils.


 2011-04-04  23m