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On The Verge is the only show of its kind — a late night talk show for tech enthusiasts and forward-thinkers. Join host Joshua Topolsky along with Nilay Patel, Paul Miller and the The Verge team as they take you on a wild ride along the cutting edge of tech news and entertainment. If you don't watch it, your future-self will probably visit you using a time machine and tell you how your life was ruined because of your poor choices.


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On The Verge with Ashton Kutcher and a preview of 'Small Empires'

Last week, we took a break to do something fun, and this week, you get to see why. Josh and the crew took a trip to Chicago to sit down with Ashton Kutcher, the actor known for That 70s Show and Two and a Half Men but more importantly his portrayal of St


 2013-07-25  n/a

On The Verge: NASA JPL and 'Terms and Conditions' director Cullen Hoback

Robots! Virtual Reality! A "human-robot partnership" that'll put a billion people in space! Senior reporter TC Sottek went to Pasadena, CA for a trip to NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, an experimental arm of the agency that's doing some crazy work with the most


 2013-07-12  n/a

On The Verge: Mo Rocca, H. Jon Benjamin, and Citi Bike

Welcome to On The Verge, our little zeitgeist for the culture of now. We may be off celebrating our country's independence with hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, and (we promise totally legal) fireworks... but before we go: Joshua sits down with jour


 2013-07-03  n/a

On The Verge: Paul Feig and Lance Reddick

Welcome to On The Verge, our little zeitgeist for the culture of now. We've got a very fun film-themed show today, including a lively in-studio chat with Paul Feig, the creator of Freaks and Geeks and director of Bridesmaids and The Heat. Before that, Jo


 2013-06-27  n/a

On The Verge: Google X and a trip to Pixar

Welcome to On The Verge, a zeitgeist for the culture of now. On today's show: our intrepid reporter (we say that a lot) Bryan Bishop took a trip to Pixar and talked to the many, many brilliant minds behind the studio and Monsters University. And before t


 2013-06-21  n/a

On The Verge: Khoi Vinh talks iOS 7, The Guardian's Spencer Ackerman talks PRISM

Welcome to On The Verge, a zeitgeist for the culture of now. On today's show: Khoi Vinh, the former design director for The New York Times and current head of mobile design for Etsy, sits down with Joshua to talk about Apple's radically-redesigned iOS 7.


 2013-06-15  n/a

On The Verge: face transplants and NYC Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot

It's a very special On The Verge as we take a deeper dive into Beyond Recognition, our cover story this week on face transplants. Our science editor Katie Drummond sits down with Josh for a talk about the story from inception to reaction. Also, Nilay Pat


 2013-06-08  n/a

On The Verge: Brian Greene, binge watching, and more

"And now the story of an online talk show that took a long hiatus, and the werewolf-ish host who brought it back. Every week. This is On The Verge." Welcome to season two! A brand new studio. A whole new lease on life. Joshua sits down with theoretical p


 2013-05-30  n/a

On The Verge is returning

New weekly shows. New fascinating guests. New exciting antics. Absolutely no pants.


 2013-05-24  n/a

On The Verge, Episode 011: Oblong's John Underkoffler, BlackBerry's Thorsten Heins

What a way to end a season! It all starts with news from best actor nominee Joshua Topolsky and best supporting actor nominees Paul Miller and Nilay Patel (also nominated for his role in "Jerk Bosses"). Ross Miller took a trip to Oblong industries to che


 2012-11-21  n/a
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