One Bad Mother

A comedy podcast about motherhood and how unnatural it sometimes is. We aren't all magical vessels! Join us every week as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging, and more laughing.

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episode 372: Ep. 371: Maybe We Need Off-Planet Help with Eliza Skinner and Jordan Morris

Biz talks to Eliza Skinner and Jordan Morris about the new show Earth to Ned on Disney+. We talk about how to create a children's show that also delights adults, the things that aliens and kids might actually have in common, and Eliza shares what it's like to not work with jerks. Plus, Biz can't stop giving it away. 



episode 371: Bonus Ep: The First Ever Woo-tacular

We asked you to send in your woos and you delivered! So, this week on a special Labor Day One Bad Mother bonus episode we present the first ever woo-tacular!



episode 370: Ep. 370: I Don't Think We Can Draw Ourselves Out of This Problem with Illustrator Shane Pangburn

Biz is joined by illustrator and writer Shane Pangburn to talk about art, work and a baby during the pandemic. When your work is to be an artist, is it fun and games all the time or is it actually just a job? Shane tells us what it's like to have a baby in his house right now when half the baby's life has been lived in quarantine. Plus, school is coming for Biz. 



episode 369: Ep. 369: Non-traditional Parenting with If These Ovaries Could Talk

When you say "non-traditional parenting," do you mean like not dressing alike as a family? Biz is joined by Jaimie Kelton and Robin Hopkins from the podcast If These Ovaries Could Talk. We talk about all the different ways that kids arrive in our houses. Jaimie and Robin tell us some things they have learned about LGBTQ family planning and we get excited about their new book, If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We've Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family.



episode 368: Ep. 368: Is Mind Reading a Symptom of the Coronavirus?

Biz is joined by none other than her partner Stefan! Biz and Stefan dive into the topic of communication. How is communication different when I am in the house with my kids and partner all the time? It would be a lot easier if my family could just read my mind, but it turns out, they can't! How strange. 


 2020-08-19  59m

episode 367: Ep. 367: Plants Will Help, with Jade from Black Plant Chick Podcast

Biz is joined by guest co-host Jade, host of the Black Plant Chick podcast, to talk house plants! Jade tells us the benefits of caring for plants during stressful times and gives us some suggestions on how to start. Even if your thumb isn't so green, there are still options for you. Plants, they won’t add more noise to your house.


 2020-08-12  1h6m

episode 366: Ep. 366: Are We Still Supposed To Be In Survival Mode? Plus, What Fresh Hell with Margaret Ables

Biz is joined by podcaster and writer Margaret Ables to talk about survival mode. Are we surviving? Yes. Maybe? But are we really still supposed to be in survival mode after all this time or have we moved on to some kind of weird acceptance phase? Either way, we don't love it. Let's just have a snack and watch some trash TV instead?


 2020-08-05  1h2m

episode 365: Ep. 365: The Second Ever Pandemic Genius Spectacular Plus Fails and Rants

We are still here. So let’s feel a little better by listening to the second ever Pandemic Genius Spectacular plus Fails and Rants!


 2020-07-30  1h2m

episode 364: Ep. 364: I Only Have One Child, So Easy Peasy! With Librarian Gwen Glazer

Biz is joined by librarian extraordinaire Gwen Glazer to talk about the joys and misconceptions of being and having an only child. According to strangers on the street, your choice to have an only child is open to their awful opinions! Hooray!


 2020-07-22  1h7m

episode 363: Ep. 363: Oh Waiter, I’ll Have the Rage with a Side of Tired Please! With Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen

Biz is joined by Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen to unpack parenting and work in the time of Covid-19. Parents are being asked to do impossible things right now as we all try to figure out how to work and take care of our children and educate our children.  We all know that something needs to change. Where will the support come from and what can we do to make our voices heard? 


 2020-07-15  1h8m