One Bad Mother

A comedy podcast about motherhood and how unnatural it sometimes is. We aren't all magical vessels! Join us every week as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging, and more laughing.

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Ep. 347: We’re Not Here To Help

Biz and Theresa find ourselves in a familiar place: we need help but feel overwhelmed by ALL the “help.” Social distancing and stay at home orders, closed schools and working from home….yep…everything we ever discussed on the show just...



Ep. 346: The First Ever Pandemic Genius Spectacular

With most of us confined to our homes and the MaxFunDrive placed on hold, Biz and Theresa drop everything this week to recognize as many of your awesome pandemic-related genius moments as possible. Together we recognize the struggle, accept that...



Ep. 345: What’s It Really Like to Be Home All Day? Plus, Author Ann Napolitano on Creativity, Self Care, and Moving Through Grief

Biz and Theresa talk about what it is REALLY like when we are home all day with the kids…or better yet…the whole family. Be it a weekend, a sick day, school breaks…summer…it seems like a fun idea in theory but there are a LOT of hours in a...



Ep. 344: Mama Needs Alone Time! Plus, Moon Ceremonies and More with Aida Salazar

Biz and Theresa discuss what “alone time” means to us (...besides a code for masturbation). Plus, Biz is dreaming about summer, Theresa has a Target adventure, and we talk to author Aida Salazar about moon ceremonies, celebrating gender expansive...



Ep. 343: They Can Smell Our Weaknesses. Plus, Grieving While Parenting with Lauren Schneider

Biz and Theresa discuss our kids’ ability to exploit “Mama’s weaknesses.” "Just one more game?" "You love donuts, can we get donuts?” “Let’s do a movie night!” Sure, it sounds fun, but there are limits that need to be reinforced and...



Ep. 342: Trash Vs. Treasure, Revisiting What Our Kids Want To Keep

Biz and Theresa revisit the trash our kids want to keep. Did we say trash? Treasure! We mean treasure. How have our opinions changed about what to keep and what to toss? If we open a box labeled “kindergarten art” five years after tucking it away...


 2020-02-20  57m

Ep. 341: Aunt Flo Comes For A Visit! Plus, Moontime Magic with Maureen Theresa Smith

Biz and Theresa get ready for a visit from Aunt Flo. Just like all family visits, some are welcome and some are not. That's right, we're talking about our periods! We reflect on our experiences getting our periods and discuss how we can prepare our...


 2020-02-13  1h17m

Ep. 340: Consulting Dr. Mom! Plus, Brains On! Creator Molly Bloom

Biz and Theresa play doctor and realize we may not be qualified. As soon as we become parents are we suddenly supposed to be medical practitioners? Is “Stop picking it!” not good enough? Plus, Biz visits the stars, rest may not be the best...


 2020-02-06  1h12m

Ep. 339: I Can’t Solve It Like I Used To? Plus, Helping Kids Process Grief and Loss with Patrice Karst and Dr. Dana Wyss

Biz and Theresa try to figure out why we can’t seem to solve our personal challenges the same way we used to, by making a plan and then sticking to it. Surprise! Turns out there are a LOT of reasons why what used to work may not work now that we...


 2020-01-30  1h14m

Ep. 338: Enjoying Parenthood In Waves

Biz and Theresa hang ten as we ride the waves of parenthood enjoyment. Is it something that is out of our control or do we have the power to control the tides? More importantly, can we use MORE wave metaphors? Yes. Plus Biz wonders if a witness...


 2020-01-23  58m