One Man Renegade Podcast

I am one man, I'm a renegade and I do a podcast. It's all right there in the title. I talk about things and stuff and it's pretty awesome and such.

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OMRP - Chapter 42 - Stand Me Up At The Gates Of Hell In A Cell

Welcome back loyal readers, listener and Tom Petty Fans. It's been a rough week for everyone, but I'm here to lift your spirits as we close in on my birthday weekend. I got everything covered in this one, MLB Playoffs, UFC 216, NHL and NBA season previews


 2017-10-05  1h13m

OMRP - Chapter 41 - Brain Drain

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and weasel enthusiasts. Chapter 41 is here and it is jammed packed, I discuss all the events and things that have happened in the last month. Things such as SummerSlam, Mayweather vs McGregor, GGG vs Canelo, It, Game


 2017-09-22  1h18m

OMRP - Chapter 40 - Are You Ready For Some Football?

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and field goal post enthusiasts. It's just about that time for football season to start, which means many things: Fall is right around the corner, you better start stocking up on Halloween candy and Monster Cereals an


 2017-09-01  1h2m

OMRP - Chapter 39 - BPOTS 2

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and party goers, it's time once again for the BIGGEST PARTY OF THE SUMMER! I got you covered with all the happenings for this weekend and beyond. I discuss how I did for my predictions last chapter and also talk about


 2017-08-18  1h25m

OMRP - Chapter 38 - Appetite for the Summer

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and summer lovers, chapter 38 of the OMRP is hot off the grill and we got you covered during these hot and humid summer days. In this chapter I talk about all the crazy stuff that has gone down since the last chapter


 2017-07-22  1h20m

OMRP - Chapter 37 - Metallica

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and Metallica fans. Well, it's finally here, the long awaited Metallica chapter is here. Fascio and I finally got together and talked all about Metallica. We each rank their 10 studio albums from 10-1 and give our tho


 2017-07-14  1h9m

OMRP - Chapter 36 - Ultimate Spider Balls

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and fireballers. It's time for another chapter of the One Man Renegade Podcast, 36 and this marks the 2 year anniversary of the start of this podcast and it's a good one. I discuss all the recent happenings in the NHL


 2017-07-08  1h21m

OMRP - Chapter 35 - Vegas State Golden Warrior Knights

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and draft picks, OMRP is back once again and there is a ton of stuff to get to and I cover it all in this chapter. I discuss the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final, review WWE Extreme Rules and UFC 212. Later I make my pre


 2017-06-15  1h15m

OMRP - Chapter 34 - Extreme Weekend

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and extreme pine tree huggers. Back again for chapter 34, and this time I'm not alone, my buddy Matt L has returned to the podcast and joins me for some discussions. Some of the topics we cover are the Stanley Cup Fin


 2017-06-02  1h24m

OMRP - Chapter 33 - BackOver Chicago

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and polish sausage fans. Chapter 33 is here and there is lots to talk about. First off I talk about how well I did on my predictions from last time, then I give some thoughts on the Nintendo Switch after having some t


 2017-05-19  1h10m