One Man Renegade Podcast

I am one man, I'm a renegade and I do a podcast. It's all right there in the title. I talk about things and stuff and it's pretty awesome and such.

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OMRP - Chapter 20 - Tender Ladders Chilli

Welcome bank loyal listeners, readers and fanboys. As we enter the final month of 2016 there is still a ton of things going on and I got you covered. In this chapter I discuss the new Metallica album, the NFL, what happened at NXT Takeover, WWE Survivor S


 2016-12-02  1h17m

OMRP - Chapter 19 - Who Will Survive?

Welcome back loyal listeners, readers and survivors. It's time once again for the holiday season as we head towards the end of 2016, but first it's time for WWE Survivor Series and I got you covered as I make my predictions and also discuss what happened


 2016-11-18  1h18m

OMRP - Chapter 18 - Austin 3:16 Meets Pillman 9MM

Welcome back loyal reader, listeners and fanatics. Chapter 18 has arrived on the 20th anniversary of one of the most infamous episodes of WWF Monday Night Raw, the night that Stone Cold Steve Austin took a trip to Northern Kentucky to visit his former fri


 2016-11-04  1h2m

OMRP - Chapter 17 - Hell Is The Sell

Welcome back loyal listeners, readers and zombies. Chapter 17 is here and I'm getting ready to go to WWE Hell In A Cell, this Sunday at the TD Garden in Boston. I'll preview the event and make my predictions and also go over the results of my predictions


 2016-10-26  56m

OMRP - Chapter 16 - No Mercy is for the Weekend

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and hangers-on. It's time once again for another WWE PPV, this time No Mercy, so it's time again for another chapter of the One Man Renegade Podcast. Let's forget that I missed talking about the last one, but I got yo


 2016-10-07  n/a

OMRP - Chapter 15 - CM Backlash

Welcome back loyal readers and listeners and internet surfers. Back once again to tackle this weekends events including UFC 203 with CM Punk making his debut, WWE Backlash and I talk a little about football. Then I also discuss next weeks CWC finals. It's


 2016-09-10  n/a

OMRP - Chapter 14 - Fantasy Football

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and sports fans. On this chapter, I'm so excited for Fantasy Football starting that I forget how to count, it's chapter 14 not 15. Anyway, on this chapter I participate in a Fantasy Football draft and talk all about m


 2016-09-02  n/a

OMRP - Chapter 13 - The Ghost Is Confused And So Is Jen

Welcome back loyal readers and listeners. Back so soon? Yup, got together with my friends Jen and Fascio and after watching the Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz 2 match on UFC 202, we hit record and started shooting the shit, and yes, it does get a little blue


 2016-08-22  n/a

OMRP - Chapter 12 - Biggest Party of the Summer!

Welcome back loyal readers and listeners, as well as you stragglers. The summer might be coming to an end, but not before the BIGGEST PARTY OF THE SUMMER takes place this weekend, as well as so much more. I jump into all the great events going on this wee


 2016-08-19  n/a

OMRP - Chapter 11 - Amazon Prime Day

Welcome back loyal readers and listeners, as well as you newbies. On this chapter, I may not be going bankrupt yet, but I did make it to Chapter 11 and I did spend a bunch of money on Amazon Prime Day this week, but I got some good deals and get ready to


 2016-07-17  n/a