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I am one man, I'm a renegade and I do a podcast. It's all right there in the title. I talk about things and stuff and it's pretty awesome and such.

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OMRP - Chapter 29 - MADNESS is Back!

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and bracket busters. It's March again and that means it's time to fill out your brackets for the NCAA Tournament, well, the Men's one anyway, sure, you can fill out a Women's one, but really, what's the point, we all


 2017-03-16  1h12m

OMRP - Chapter 28 - 2016 Movie Ranks Part 5

Welcome bank loyal readers, listeners and credit watchers. We have finally made it to the ends, this is the Top 10 movies of 2016, well, in my opinion at least. But also in the opinions of my special guest, Jen and Fascio are back and have their own top 1


 2017-02-24  1h55m

OMRP - Chapter 27 - 2016 Movie Ranks Part 4

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and ICEE drinkers. We are getting close, this is part 5 of the 2016 movie ranks countdown and we have hit the top 20 as I count down from 20-11 and list all the movies that were good, but not quite good enough to get


 2017-02-23  41m

OMRP - Chapter 26 - 2016 Movie Ranks Part 3

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and milk duds. It's time for part 3 of the 2016 movie ranks. This time around we are counting down from 30 to 21, and things start to get good as we move closer to the top 10. SPOILER ALERTS! While I try not to spoil


 2017-02-22  42m

OMRP - Chapter 25 - 2016 Movie Ranks Part 2

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and popcorn eaters. It's time for part 2 of the 2016 movie ranks countdown. So, the movies are getting a little better than yesterday, but still not great. On this chapter I countdown from 40-31 as we move along on ou


 2017-02-21  43m

OMRP - Chapter 24 - 2016 Movie Ranks Part 1

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and movie goers. With the Oscars coming this weekend, I decided it was time to go back and take a look at all the movies from 2016 that I saw and rank them. I saw 50 movies, so this will be a series of chapters coveri


 2017-02-20  40m

OMRP - Chapter 23 - Super Chamber

Welcome back loyal readers, listener and Super Bowl Champions. It's chapter 23 and it's time to celebrate another New England Patriots Super Bowl Championship, but it's also time to eliminate some people via a chamber. I discuss maybe the greatest Super B


 2017-02-11  1h18m

OMRP - Chapter 22 - Rumble, Young Man, Rumble!

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and new years babies. It's 2017 and the OMRP is finally here to talk all about what's going down. I take a look back at my predictions from last time and look ahead to this weekend and talk all about NXT Takeover San


 2017-01-28  1h15m

OMRP - Holiday Special 2016

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and Whos down in Whoville, it's time for the One Man Renegade Holiday Special. On this very special edition, I talk all about my favorite holiday specials and celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Seuss' How The Grinc


 2016-12-22  49m

OMRP - Chapter 21 - The Line Must End

Welcome back loyal readers, listeners and line riders. Chapter 21 is here so OMRP can finally relax and have a beer and this weekend is a good time to start. I got you covered on the big events over the next few weeks and make my predictions. I talk UFC o


 2016-12-16  1h52m