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One Rep at a Time by cultfit is a podcast hosted by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka Chuck. In this show, join Chuck on his quest to build a fitness habit for life - from eating right, working out consistently to destressing and building a healthy sleep routine. He'll take you through some basics, break down myths, and candidly share what worked and didn't work for him. Tune in for insightful conversations with experts, coaches, nutritionists, and just regular folks who managed to transform themselves. Over a week, there will be 4 bite-sized episodes that are like a nice little HIIT - 5-10 minutes long. And once a week, a longer episode - which could be an in-depth interview, or a panel discussion, or an AMA. All with crisp, actionable tips to take away from to help you on your unique health & fitness journey, whether it is losing weight, overcoming hormonal imbalances, eating right or building a workout routine. Click here to consult with expert coaches at cultfit: About cultfit: cultfit is a health and fitness platform by curefit Healthcare Pvt Ltd and is headquartered in Bangalore, India...

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We at One Rep at A Time are delighted to present to you an interview with Olympian, Arjuna Awardee, and national record holder, Nisha Millet. Nisha represented India at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and today runs her own swimming academy. In this interview, host Deepak aka Chuck asks her about her routines, habits, her life as a professional swimmer, the transition to being an entrepreneur, and lots more...


 2022-05-05  n/a


All week, we’ve spoken about good habits and how to build them. It’s equally important to identify our unhealthy habits and work towards letting go of them. After all, an unhealthy habit lost is a healthy habit gained (stretching a proverb, but you know what we mean!). Join Deepak as he tries to put the frameworks mentioned in the previous episodes to try and break away from unhealthy habits. It’s all about the cues...


 2022-05-04  n/a


One of the most influential and recommended books in recent years is Atomic Habits, by James Clear. It’s full of pithy, useful, and actionable advice on building habits. Your host, Deepak aka Chuck, is a big fan of the book. In this special episode, he contextualizes some of James’ lessons from a fitness point of view.
Bonus: We had a stat for 43, then a stat for 42… What do we have today?
Atomic Habits by James Clear:


 2022-05-03  n/a


By now, when you hear the intro of this podcast, you know Deepak’s voice is coming and you’re going to hear about fitness. And that’s because it’s a cue! In this episode, your host takes you through the three stages of building a habit. Cue, ritual, and reward. Using various examples and of course, fitness - he looks at how you can be more mindful and get building good rituals.
Bonus: Writing down goals can help… But by how much?
Read more about cue-ritual-reward...


 2022-05-02  n/a


“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world” - Albert Einstein.
Compounding is magical. When something we do becomes a habit, its benefits accrue over time. In this episode, Deepak aka Chuck looks at the basics of a habit, what it means, and a few examples from other aspects of life. Later this week, we’ll look at other aspects of habits as well...


 2022-05-02  n/a


Sleep and recovery are often under-looked parts of a fitness journey. While, in fact, they can enhance workouts and life in general. To discuss this, Deepak speaks to two people in this special interview.
Firstly, Dr. Satish Ramaiah, the Chief of Mind Care Department and Consultant Neuropsychiatrist and Sleep Disorder specialist at People Tree Hospitals, in Bangalore.
Our second guest is someone that anyone who uses cultfit will instantly recognize...


 2022-04-28  n/a


We’ve spoken about the importance of sleep on this show before. Now, Chuck gives you a few practical tips on how to get better sleep. From keeping devices away to prepping your bedroom, there’s a lot you can do to ensure you get your Zs, which will, of course, be better for your recovery and your overall fitness goals!
Bonus: There’s a fear of falling asleep. TIL!

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 2022-04-27  n/a


You cannot have a healthy exercise routine or healthy life without good sleep. In this episode, your host Deepak aka Chuck breaks it all down for you: The various stages your body goes through, when recovery happens, and so on. Alas, you can’t hack your body or survive on 4 hours of sleep a night!
Bonus: Some trivia around pillows!
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 2022-04-26  n/a


If you’re on a fitness regimen of any kind, chances are you have heard about the importance of protein! So… What exactly is it? Do you need to thulp down a whole shake after your workout? Can vegetarians get enough of it? All this and more, are answered by Deepak in today’s episode. 
Bonus: You probably shouldn’t eat 10,000 calories a day. But meet someone who does!
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 2022-04-25  n/a


The more enthusiastic of us might feel like we should work out every day. But that might actually be detrimental to your weight loss plans! In this episode, Deepak sheds some light on why you (and your body!) need a rest day once in a while. Plus, some advice on how to recover quicker...


 2022-04-24  n/a