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Travel Topics Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books

Catherine Hamm, travel editor of the Los Angeles Times, talks with Paul about her program of including travel authors and speakers in the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books  April 9 -10, 2016 at the University of Southern California.


 2016-03-21  25m

Restoring An Historic Hotel The Culver Hotel Shines Again

Maya Malick has a passion that is evident when Paul talks with her about restoring the historic Culver Hotel. Stars in several eras stayed in the hotel since several major studios were within walking distance.


 2016-03-15  25m

Roger Dow Of U.S. Travel Talks Travel And Food

Roger Dow, President and CEO of U.S. Travel joins Paul and Elizabeth to talk about the state of travel today and how the initiative to welcome overseas travelers is going. We also talk about the need to modernize airports in the US and how much states ...


 2016-03-14  25m

How To Visit New York City and Save Money And Find Peaceful Places

Evelyn Kanter joins Paul to chat about her book on finding peaceful places in the city.. The author of a series of blogs crammed with information on saving money in New York City, she turns her attention to finding places to preserve your sanity and to...


 2016-03-11  25m