Open Air Waves

Open Air has no boundaries. No set of rules or regulations. No race or religion. Only the progressive development of ideas toward a particular conclusion. This movement favors a generalized common goal. Fill the lungs of the physical and rise this thing of emotion, of true power, of self-actualization and of natural purity. House music is created to evoke emotion. It's a language and when one understands this language, it speaks volumes to the secret places of ones soul. House music is what emotions sound like. Its a compass that directs you to the kind of pleasure human nature cannot do without. This is my intention. To bring people together. It allows us to experience the same emotions. People everywhere are the same in spirit and heart.

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episode 8: RW: 2

RW 2


 October 14, 2023  1h55m

episode 7: RW: 1

RW 1


 October 14, 2023  2h18m

episode 6: 2023 Summer House Mix

Time to take it back to the roots! Perfect tunes for all of your summer time activites.As always,...


 June 3, 2023  1h57m

episode 5: Skydive

Enjoy these quality tunes as we enter into the cooler Fall months...And as always, Crank It Up!Ch...


 September 6, 2022  2h53m

episode 4: Disco Flair

Disco never goes out of style. Time to revisit it with a little flair...Enjoy!Cheers -


 July 2, 2022  2h23m

episode 3: Trap Mix, Round 2

Switching it up and bringing back a mix I did a few years ago. Let's go!


 May 30, 2022  1h20m

episode 2: The Nostalgia Mix

Taking it back to my childhood influences in electronic music. This is a re-upload of this mix, b...


 March 15, 2022  1h37m

episode 1: Organic Tropics Mix

Let this mix take you to tropical lands where you can take it all in. Hope you enjoy!Track Listin...


 February 17, 2022  3h12m

episode 2: The Nostalgia Mix

Taking it back to a time when the '80's underground dance music was flowing freely amongst the fo...


 January 16, 2021  1h37m

episode 1: New Year's Deep House Set

New Year. New Mix. Let's set things off right. Chilled... Cheers -


 December 29, 2020  2h9m