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Colm Tóibín’s Working on his Sentences

This is provincial Ireland, a place of long winters but not freezing winters. There’s drizzle as much as there’s rain. You’re trying to find a style just to bring things down to size, maybe bring ...


 2015-11-25  36m

What To Do After Paris?

Once again, France is reeling — after the second major terror attack upon defenseless Paris this year. Eight fighters — all of them young EU citizens supposed to be working for ISIS, or Daesh — took 129 ...


 2015-11-19  50m

Black Lives On Campus

What does the second civil rights movement look like? Is a new struggle for equality, in feelings as well as rights, afoot on American campuses? It seemed possible this week when frustrated students toppled the president and ...


 2015-11-12  49m

John Summers on Real Estate and Innovation

The contrarian John Summers, editor-in-chief of The Baffler magazine, calls the funky old railroad back of MIT "The People's Republic of Zuckerstan," alluding to Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. (Zuck has reopened offices here, near Google and Microsoft.


 2015-11-10  22m

Moneyball For City Hall

Dan Koh, the new chief of staff to Boston’s mayor, wants city government to work like Brad Pitt’s team in Moneyball. The Oakland A’s broke through when they broke away from the old way and started crunching the numbers.


 2015-11-05  50m

Our First Dance with the Devil

As John Winthrop, Massachusetts’ first governor, first came to our shores, he gave the famous address, “A Modell of Christian Charity.” When Winthrop declared, “we shall be as a city upon a hill — the eyes ...


 2015-10-28  50m

Kailash Satyarthi: A Union Label In Every T-Shirt

The U.S. labor force (officially 157 million) is a little smaller now than the pool of impoverished child laborers in the world (168 million) in Kailash Satyarthi’s provocative account.  More than half the child workers ...


 2015-10-26  24m

Second-Guessing Syria

Syria has been burning now for four years — with millions displaced into Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq, more than 250,000 dead, and no end in sight. - In March of 2014, Stephen Walt, Harvard's "realist" foreign-policy hand,


 2015-10-22  50m

Women After Prison

Two weeks ago, we spoke to incarcerated men reentering society about lives full of panic and the hard road ahead. But women are the news of mass incarceration right now — so we’re following up. ...


 2015-10-15  50m

Paul Theroux in Zimbabwe, USA

There was something there once. It was a plantation, and then factories set up. The agriculture is now mechanized. The factories are closed. So what have you got? You have something like the post-colonial world. ...


 2015-10-12  27m