Origin Stories

This award-winning show combines science and narrative to explore our human story and explain why we are the way we are. Listen and explore human evolution one story at a time.


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episode 69: The New Metabolism

How do human bodies use energy? In this episode, Leakey Foundation grantee Dr. Herman Pontzer shares groundbreaking research that upends our understanding of metabolism, calories, and the history of our species.  Origin Stories is hosted by...



 2023-01-31  35m

episode 67: Origin Stories is back!

We've been hard at work on a new season of stories about how we became human. Origin Stories returns on January 31 with monthly episodes!


 2023-01-24  1m

episode 66: First Steps at Laetoli

In this episode, we explore five strange fossilized footprints found by Mary Leakey at the site of Laetoli in Tanzania. Decades after their original discovery, these footprints have revealed a new story about our ancient ancestors that expands our...


 2022-05-18  27m

episode 65: E60 Discovering Us FinalMix 2 1

In this episode, we talk with Evan Hadingham, senior science editor for the PBS program NOVA. His new book, Discovering Us: 50 Great Discoveries in Human Origins, Discovering Us highlights the thrilling fossil finds, groundbreaking primate behavior...


 2022-02-25  23m

episode 64: Top Human Origins Discoveries of 2021

2021 was a big year in science! Fossil discoveries introduced new relatives to our family tree, new findings added fascinating twists to the human story, and breakthroughs in research methods opened new worlds to explore. In this episode, five...


 2021-12-21  31m

Biruté Mary Galdikas - 50 Years with Orangutans

As a young girl, Biruté Mary Galdikas dreamed of going to the forests of Southeast Asia to study the least-known of all the great apes, the elusive orangutan. People told her it would be impossible. But, in 1971, she traveled to Borneo and started...


 2021-11-09  33m

episode 62: Entre Chien et Loup: How Dogs Began

Scientists agree that dogs evolved from wolves, but exactly how and when that happened is hotly contested. In this episode, Origin Stories contributor Neil Sandell examines the evolution of the relationship between dogs and humans, and explores the...


 2021-10-05  54m

episode 61: Short and Sweat

Learn about the evolution of our extraordinary ability to cool ourselves down. Biological anthropologist Andrew Best discusses the past, present, and future of sweat in this special bonus episode.


 2021-09-29  17m

episode 60: Monkeys Get Creative

Producer and scientist Kevin McLean travels to an island off the coast of Panama where researchers have found an isolated group of monkeys with a creative approach to surviving in a challenging environment.


 2021-07-07  22m