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A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!


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Episode #166- Who Was Liver Eating Johnson? (ft. Daniele Bolelli)

Some of the most legendary figures to emerge from the history of the American West were the rough-and-ready "mountain men". But, the most legendary mountain man of all had to be the cannibal, Liver Eating Johnson. Stories would...



Episode #165- What Was The Galileo Affair? (Part III)

There is a story that as Galileo stood in front of the Inquisition and listened as they declared that the Earth did not revolve around the Sun, he whispered under his breath "and yet, it moves". This moment of defiance has been...



Episode #164- What Was The Galileo Affair? (Part II)

Galileo is often credited with inventing the telescope, but he never made that claim. He simply whipped up his own take on the device and sold it to the Republic of Venice before his Dutch competitors could beat him to the punch. Galileo...


 2022-10-19  n/a

Episode #163- What Was The Galileo Affair? (Part I)

The Pisan scientist Galileo Galilei has been remembered as the "father of modern science." The discoveries he made with his telescope led to a completely new understanding of Earth's place in the cosmos. The theory first put...


 2022-10-05  1h15m

Episode #162- Real Amazons? (Part II)

Did you know that the Amazons once waged war on Atlantis? According to the ancient historian Diodorus of Sicily, the Amazons conquered Atlantis while carving out an empire in Northern Africa. This may have all been pure legend, but Diodorus,...


 2022-09-21  1h13m

Episode #161- Real Amazons? (Part I)

When the conquistador Francisco Orellana was attacked by a band of female warriors deep in the heart of South America, he thought immediately of the Amazons of Greek mythology. His encounter with this group would end up inspiring the name...


 2022-09-07  1h7m

OFH Throwback- Episode #61 - What's the Problem with Socrates?

In this OFH throwback episode Sebastian is throwing you back to Episode #61 - What's the Problem with Socrates? Socrates has been celebrated as the “father of western philosophy”. This is particularly remarkable when you consider...


 2022-08-24  1h10m

OFH Throwback- Episode #96- What is America's Weirdest Secret Society?

In this "throwback episode" we look back at episode #96. In the 1930’s a famous California history professor thought he had discovered a long lost historical treasure. It was a brass plate apparently inscribed by the famous English...


 2022-08-10  1h13m

Episode #160- Who Knows Toronto?

In this SUPER SIZED season finale Sebastian explores the many myths and misconceptions about the city of Toronto. In his attempt to get a deeper understanding of the city he has called home, our host embarks on a series of probing conversations...


 2022-07-27  n/a

Episode #159- How Should We Remember Attila the Hun? (Part III)

In the stories of saint's lives written in the medieval era Attila the Hun was often used as a stock villain. He was called the "Scourge of God" and was understood as a blunt instrument used by God to punish the impious and...


 2022-07-13  1h23m