Our Fake History

A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!


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Episode #141- Who's Afraid of the 30 Years War? (Ft. Zack Twamley)

The 30 Years War has reputation among history buffs as one of the most complicated conflicts you can study. Even though the war is filled with fantastic stories, it can sometimes scare away history podcasters (like Sebastian). The complexity...



Episode #140- What Became of the Great Library of Alexandria? (Part II)

There are three main culprits in the alleged burning of the Great Library of Alexandria. But weirdly they all lived roughly 300 years apart from one another. How is that even possible? It’s weird anomalies like this that complicate the...



Episode #139- What Became of the Library of Alexandria? (Part I)

The Egyptian city of Alexandria was once the most magnificent city on the Mediterranean. It was a city of wonders, whose culture was the envy of the Greek world. Tragically many of Alexandria's ancient treasures have been lost to time....


 2021-09-08  1h13m

OFH Throwback- Episode #37- Did Robert Johnson Sell His Soul to the Devil?

In this throwback episode Sebastian takes a look back at a show that explores one of the greatest legends in 20th century popular music. Did the legendary blues musician, Robert Johnson, really trade his immortal soul for superhuman musical...


 2021-09-01  1h3m

OFH Throwback- Episode #83- Who Invented Your Favourite Food?

In this OFH Throwback episode Sebastian takes a look at one of the most fun and accessible episodes in the OFH catalog. The world of food and drink is filled with colourful mythology. How much should we believe about the origin stories...


 2021-08-24  1h9m

OFH Throwback- Episode #77- Was There a Real Pied Piper?

In this throwback episode we take a look at an episode Sebastian thinks may have been the best "one-off" show created over the podcast's six seasons. Take a listen to how the host thinks this one has held up. Is this oddball...


 2021-08-17  1h8m

OFH Throwback- Episode #10- Did the Aztecs Think Cortes Was a God? (Part II)

In this throwback episode Sebastian revisits "Part II" in the Season One series on the conquest of Mexico. In the freshly recorded introduction the host reflects on criticisms that this episode first received when it was originally...


 2021-08-11  1h6m

OFH Throwback- Episode #9- Did the Aztecs Think Cortes Was a God? (Part I)

In this throwback episode Sebastian revisits a series from Season One of OFH. After the shows on Jared Diamond it seemed like a good time to take another look at the conquest of Mexico. This was also the first time "Ancient Aliens"...


 2021-08-04  50m

Episode #138- Any Questions? (2021)

Season 6 wraps up with Sebastian taking questions from the listeners! He gets into everything from the name of the podcast, to his most loved shows, to the nature of humanity itself. Tune-in and find out how obscure Canadian playwrights,...


 2021-07-28  1h11m

Episode #137- What's the Deal with Guns, Germs, and Steel? (Part II)

Is Jared Diamond's 1997 bestseller a work of staggering genius, or a piece of intellectual garbage? Has it moved our understanding of humanity forward, or has it set us back by decades? Are these binary choices ridiculously limiting?...


 2021-07-14  1h18m