Our Fake History

A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!


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OFH Throwback- Episode #31- What Was the Charge of the Light Brigade?

In this throwback episode we revisit Episode #31 from Season 2. The Crimean War cavalry action known as “the charge of light brigade” was immortalized by the poet Alfred Lord Tennyson. The poet described a glorious charge...



Episode #203- What Was the Great East Asian War? (Part III)

In the Imjin year of 1592 the Japanese orchestrated a blitzkreig invasion of Korea. Within just two months they had captured both Seoul and Pyongyang. However, conquering Korea and holding Korea turned out to be two very different propositions....



Episode #202- What Was the Great East Asian War? (Part II)

When the Japanese army landed in Korea in 1592 the Korean defenders were woefully underprepared. Confused diplomacy and divisive court politics had hampered Korean preparations for the coming Japanese attack. The only Korean commander who...



Episode #201- What Was the Great East Asian War? (Part I)

In 1592 the Japanese launched a massive invasion of the Korean Peninsula. The Japanese leader Toyotomi Hideyoshi believed that Korea would submit without much of a fight and that his army would very quickly move on to the real target, the...


 April 17, 2024  1h24m

OFH Throwback- Episode #4- Real Ninjas?

For this throwback Sebastian takes you all the way back to a first season favorite. Ninjas, Japan’s shadow warriors, have been a pop-culture staple for generations. The legend of the ninjas has become so overblown, that some have...


 April 10, 2024  48m

Episode #200- Can I Ask Who's Calling?

Our Fake History celebrates 200 episodes by opening up the phonelines and taking calls from listeners and past guests. Fans from all over the world pose questions and queries and Sebastian does his best to answer thoughtfully. How does...


 April 2, 2024  1h28m

OFH Throwback- Episode #128- Did St. Patrick Kill a Wizard?

There are few Christian saints more misunderstood than St. Patrick. Ireland’s patron saint is best known for driving the snakes off the island, but that isn’t even close to the most interesting thing about him. Both...


 March 27, 2024  1h17m

Episode #199- Was the Spanish Armada a Big Deal? (Part Two)

The attempted invasion of England in 1588 was doomed even before the first ship left harbor. The Spanish plan was fatally flawed and pretty much every commander knew it. The plan was audacious, but it was also weirdly vague. The Spanish...


 March 20, 2024  1h43m

Episode #198- Was the Spanish Armada a Big Deal? (Part I)

In 1588 King Phillip II of Spain constructed the largest fleet ever seen on the Atlantic in attempt to invade England. This attempt famously flopped. At the time this was celebrated as an English triumph in the face of impossible odds,...


 March 6, 2024  1h20m

OFH Throwback- Episode #1- Was Queen Elizabeth Actually a Man?

In this throwback episode Sebastian take you all the way back to the very first episode of OFH ever released. Queen Elizabeth I is easily one of England’s most celebrated monarchs. The so-called “virgin queen”...


 February 28, 2024  35m