Our Fake History

A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!


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Episode #137- What's the Deal with Guns, Germs, and Steel? (Part II)

Is Jared Diamond's 1997 bestseller a work of staggering genius, or a piece of intellectual garbage? Has it moved our understanding of humanity forward, or has it set us back by decades? Are these binary choices ridiculously limiting?...



Episode #136- What's the Deal with Guns, Germs, and Steel? (Part I)

When Sebastian first read Jared Diamond's Pulitzer Prize winning book Guns, Germs, and Steel as an undergrad, he thought it was brilliant. That was until a Professor he deeply respected, dismissed it as being little better than the...


 2021-06-30  1h4m

Episode #135- Who Won the War of 1812? (Part III)

Every spring thaw between 1812 and 1814 seemed to inaugurate a completely new war in North America. The momentum in the War of 1812 would swing wildly between the Americans and British until the two sides eventually hammered out a peace...


 2021-06-16  1h26m

Episode #134- Who Won the War of 1812? (Part II)

When Sebastian first learned about the War of 1812 when he was a Canadian middle-schooler, there were two words he was told he had to remember of the test: manifest destiny. Back then it was heavily implied that this nefarious ideology...


 2021-06-02  1h10m

Episode #133- Who Won the War of 1812? (Part I)

American historians sometimes refer to War of 1812 as the "Forgotten War", but this has never really sat well with Canadians. You know who has not forgotten about the War of 1812? Canada, that's who! In the Anglo-Canadian historical...


 2021-05-19  1h6m

Episode #132- Does Ethiopia Have the Ark of the Covenant? (Part II)

Ethiopia's history is nothing short of remarkable. The East African nation is home to one of the worlds oldest Christian traditions. For centuries the country was ruled by a line of kings who claimed to be descended from the biblical...


 2021-05-05  1h7m

Episode #131- Does Ethiopia Have the Ark of the Covenant? (Part I)

The Ark of the Covenant is one of the most fascinating objects mentioned in the Old Testament. The ancient Israelites believed the Ark held a divine power that made them unstoppable on the battlefield. When Solomon's temple in Jerusalem...


 2021-04-21  1h8m

Episode #130- Was There a Real Gilgamesh? (Part II)

The search for a historical Gilgamesh is filled with red herrings. As Mesopotamia's best loved epic hero, images of Gilgamesh are littered throughout the ruins of the ancient cities of the Tigris and Euphrates. Ancient documents produced...


 2021-04-07  1h9m

Episode #129- Was There a Real Gilgamesh? (Part I)

The oldest known piece of literature on the planet is the epic tale of Gilgamesh, king of the Mesopotamian city-state of Uruk. The story was a staple of middle-eastern storytelling for well over a thousand years. However, after the destruction...


 2021-03-24  1h24m

Episode #128- Did St. Patrick Kill a Wizard?

There are few Christian saints more misunderstood than St. Patrick. Ireland's patron saint is best known for driving the snakes off the island, but that isn't even close to the most interesting thing about him. Both the legend of...


 2021-03-10  1h15m