Our Fake History

A podcast about myths we think are history and history that might be hidden in myths! Awesome stories that really (maybe) happened!


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Episode #180- Columbus? (Part III)

There is a long tradition of writers comparing Christopher Columbus to mythical figures. 16th century historian Peter Martyr believed Columbus was like a later-day Aeneas, the Trojan hero who travelled west to found a society in Italy that...



Episode #179- Columbus? (Part II)

A Columbus biographer once wrote that the famous navigator had an "an imperfect understanding of the line between truth and falsity." The Genoese mariner had a habit of lying, exaggerating, or revising history in service of what...



Episode #178- Columbus? (Part I)

There are few historical figures whose reputation has swung in as many extreme directions as Christopher Columbus. The Genoese mariner once credited with "discovering America" has in recent years been called out as genocidal conqueror...



Episode #177- How Do Movies Make Myths? ft. Amy Nicholson

On today's show Sebastian has the opportunity to talk to one of his favourite film critics, podcasters, and cultural observers, the great Amy Nicholson. Amy writes about film for the New York Times and is featured regularly in Variety,...


 2023-04-19  1h23m

Episode #176- Was Pythagoras Killed By Beans?

If you managed to get through elementary school math then you have almost certainly heard the name Pythagoras. The ancient Greek thinker has been celebrated as the man who first discovered the mathematical relationship between the sides...


 2023-04-05  1h32m

Episode #175- Who Framed Mata Hari? (Part III)

The myth of Mata Hari would have us believe that she was a turn-of-the-century super-spy. She has been celebrated as a master of the "honey trap" tactic, where a beautiful spy seduces her mark and extracts sensitive information...


 2023-03-22  1h24m

Episode #174- Who Framed Mata Hari? (Part II)

Between 1905 and 1908 the dancer professionally known as Mata Hari was one of the best known entertainers in Europe. Her nearly-nude dances were given an air of respectability thanks to her presentation as Javanese temple dancer performing...


 2023-03-08  1h14m

Episode #173- Who Framed Mata Hari? (Part I)

In 1905 a woman claiming to be a Javanese temple dancer rocketed to fame in Europe. Her name was Mata Hari and her nearly-nude dances were presented as profound religious experiences. But, Mata Hari was selling a fantasy. She was actually...


 2023-02-22  1h7m

Episode #172- Who Was The African Samurai? (Part II)

In the 1580's Japan was a on the precipice of a massive transformation. For over a century the country had been embroiled in war, but by 1581 the end seemed to be in sight. The powerful Lord Oda Nobunaga was on the path to unifying...


 2023-02-08  1h29m

Episode #171- Who Was The African Samurai? (Part I)

Near the end of Japan's "Warring States" period a remarkable visitor arrived in the country with a group of European Jesuit missionaries. He was a soldier originally from East Africa acting as a bodyguard for the ranking Jesuit...


 2023-01-25  1h17m