Our Liner Notes

Our Liner Notes is a music conversation podcast where your hosts Chris & Matt (as well as assorted guests) bring you great tunes from their collection based on a particular weekly theme with which to play tracks and attach stories and factoids to ignite conversation among the group. We can be reached at olinernotes@gmail.com or on Twitter @olinernotes.


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Episode 155: Empowered Women

This week OLN welcomes special guest hosts Kristin and Rowyn Maier for an exclusive episode theme, Female Empowerment Songs. What follows is a fantastic conversation between mother and daughter discussing the trials and triumphs of feminism through...



Episode 154: THE Soundtrack Songs with Josh Tufts Part 2 + BONUS!

This week is the continuation (and conclusion) of our look at indelible film soundtrack songs with friend of the show, Joshua Tufts. Stick around past the outro as Josh treats us to a hilarious tale from the past featuring our very own @ReasonsAre!...



Episode 153: THE Soundtrack Songs with Josh Tufts

There are certain tracks featured in film where the sound of the tune becomes inseparable from the images on the screen. This week, we are joined by Joshua Tufts to present a few of these indelible movie soundtrack songs! Reach Us: @JoshuaTufts ...



Episode 152: From The Vaults - The Mix Mash Up

On a very special episode of OLN, we reach back into the vaults to bring you a recording done by Agent Palmer and friend of the show, Bill Sweeney! Ever wonder what Brittney Spears sounds like backed by Nirvana? Or Mariah Carey singing to Megadeth?...



Episode 151: Women of the 90s Part 2

This week, Matt and Chris continue their discussion on some of their favourite female artists of the 1990s! Reach Us:  @ReasonsAre  @chrismaierbc  @olinernotes  olinernotes@gmail.com


 2021-02-01  1h10m

Episode 150: Women of the 90s Part 1

This week, Matt and Chris bring some musical selections from their favourite female artists of the 90s! Reach Us: @ReasonsAre  @chrismaierbc  @olinernotes  olinernotes@gmail.com


 2021-01-25  1h17m

Episode 149: 2020 Year In Review Part 2

The conclusion of Chris and Matt's look back on the insanity of the year that was. Don't worry, it's not all bad. We saved some positivity for the end! Reach Us: @ReasonsAre  @chrismaierbc  @olinernotes  olinernotes@gmail.com


 2021-01-18  1h34m

Episode 148: 2020 Year in Review Part 1

After a brief discussion about the recent events at the Capitol, Chris and Matt look back at the year that was - world events, personally and of course, musically! Reach Us:   @ReasonsAre  @chrismaierbc  @olinernotes 


 2021-01-11  1h25m

Episode 147: Mix Tape Edition - The Angry Ginger Part 2

Our first release of 2021 concludes Chris' sit down with one of the most prolific podcasters of the independent community - Jason "the Angry Ginger" Parsons! Reach Us: 2s7evendaysageek  @chrismaierbc  @olinernotes  olinernotes@gmail.com


 2021-01-06  1h21m

Episode 146: Mix Tape Edition - The Angry Ginger Part 1

This week Chris welcomes Jason "The Angry Ginger" Parsons of Seven Days a Geek, Podcasting 101, Deconstructing Dad, On Hiatus and From A Certain Point Askew Podcasts! An episode so packed with goodness, we had to break it into 2 parts! Reach Us:...


 2020-12-28  1h13m