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Outside's longstanding literary storytelling tradition comes to life in audio with features that will both entertain and inform listeners. We launched in March 2016 with our first series, Science of Survival, which was developed in partnership with PRX, distributors of the idolized This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour, among others. We have since expanded our show and now offer a range of story formats, including interviews with the biggest figures in sports, adventure, and politics, as well as reports from our correspondents in the field.


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Science of Survival: Bee Still My Heart

A bee sting won't hurt you unless you're allergic—or so you thought until you disturbed a hive of African bees


 2017-12-05  31m

Science of Survival: Dangerously Delicious

When you picked some mushrooms off the forest floor, you planned to make a nice risotto. But now you're in the hospital, fighting for your life.


 2017-11-28  28m

Dispatches: The Secret History of Biosphere 2

A team of scientists entered a glass bubble in the desert to live for two years cut off from society. Things didn't go as planned.


 2017-11-21  27m

Science of Survival: Adrift

You're alone in the open sea on a surfboard, blown far offshore by a strong wind. What does it feel like? What do you do?


 2017-11-14  31m

Science of Survival: Frozen Alive Redux

A remote car accident, a broken ski, a tumble in the snow, and a slow descent into hypothermia


 2017-11-07  28m

The Outside Interview: Can’t Hack It? Gene-Hack It

You may soon be able to change your DNA to optimize performance in your favorite sport


 2017-10-31  29m

The Outside Interview: Doc Parsley Solves Your Sleep Crisis

Former Navy SEAL doctor Kirk Parsley insists getting enough rest is the single most effective performance-enhancing habit


 2017-10-24  34m

Dispatches: Can Humans Outrun Antelope?

As endurance predators, we should be able to catch anything—even one of the world's fastest animals


 2017-10-17  47m

The Outside Interview: Dr. Michael Gervais on Mental Mastery

The renowned expert in high-performance psychology offers up an incredibly simple approach to training your mind


 2017-10-10  34m

Dispatches: Captain Jackass

Writer Kevin Fedarko went looking for meaning in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. He ended up in charge of a boat full of poop.


 2017-10-03  58m