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Outside's longstanding literary storytelling tradition comes to life in audio with features that will both entertain and inform listeners. We launched in March 2016 with our first series, Science of Survival, which was developed in partnership with PRX, distributors of the idolized This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour, among others. We have since expanded our show and now offer a range of story formats, including interviews with the biggest figures in sports, adventure, and politics, as well as reports from our correspondents in the field.


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A Harebrained Dream of Building a Cabin in the Woods

Two friends abandoned promising careers to pursue a bold adventure. It went terribly wrong—but also right.


 2020-09-24  36m

What We Really Know About Life in Outer Space

A serious exploration of a topic that a lot of people don't take seriously


 2020-09-17  34m

Why Big Wild’s Songs Feel Like Adventures

Artist Jackson Stell is crafting music that captures the ecstatic feelings we have when we venture into the natural world


 2020-09-02  25m

Ayana Elizabeth Johnson Wants YOU to Save the Planet

Marine biologist Ayana Elizabeth Johnson wants us all to start asking a new question: What does the future look like if we get it right?


 2020-08-20  32m

Trapped Underwater and Running Out of Air

It’s one of the most astonishing survival stories we’ve ever heard—and it might even be true


 2020-08-05  45m

The Dirty Awesome Truth About Summer Camp

Wild kids and wilder counselors have the most fun—and learn the lessons that matter most


 2020-07-15  33m

That Time the Camp Snake Tried to Eat a Counselor

The strangest things happen at summer camp. Which is probably why we love it so much.


 2020-07-08  36m

A Close Encounter with the Real Moby Dick

When veteran adventure writer Rowan Jacobsen went eye to eye with a sperm whale, he was changed in ways he never expected


 2020-06-24  24m

A Kayaker’s Brush with Death

On a solo expedition in the Himalayas, whitewater paddler Nouria Newman nearly drowned—then found her purpose


 2020-06-17  29m

Running While Black in New York

Coffey, a well-known figure in the city’s vibrant running scene, has a powerful message about social injustice and racial inequality


 2020-06-10  33m