Overnight Drive

A comedy podcast about two men speeding across America's soul on the overnight drive of existence. For fans of off kilter jokes, dark theater of the mind, wrapped in cultural commentary and inside humor. If you have a strong fortitude and are not easily offended, this podcast is for you. So, tell a weird friend, and have a nice life.


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episode 14: Steel Delivery at Hitler's House

Back after what feels like a long ass time to me. Hans is off his meds, and I am doing aerobics during the recording, so this episode gets very weird, very quickly. I'm sure somebody will catch feelings over something or other we say. Call a cop, homeb...


 2013-03-12  1h25m

episode 13: "An abo and a burger"

Our Episode 13 Spook-tacular. We tell some scary stories about babies and tasteless New York hicks. I give an update on a former roomate, and we tackle a bunch of questions. Sorry for the brief description, but I am super late for a flight. I'M BUSY, Y...


 2013-03-04  1h15m

episode 12: Malfunctioning Craydar at Bee-Dubs

I don't really know what the title means. We spend most of this show tackling the tidal wave of questions that have come in on the Tumblr since Episode 10/11, though we take some time to discuss shingles and strippers. I offend Hans by insinuating that...


 2013-02-26  1h14m

episode 11: Thinner!

So after OND 10, we went to bed, woke up the next day, got a really carby brunch and decided to cut this episode right then. Because, fuck it. Sean Doody is back in the passenger seat, we answer some Tumblr questions, tell some more war stories and dis...


 2013-02-17  1h3m

episode 10: Don't leave the tour

Jesus, man. We set out to do a two hour episode, but even with aggressive editing, this clocks in at three hours and change. So, kick off your shoes and get comfortable. In this episode, we hear the EPIC tale of Hans going into steep decline on his las...


 2013-02-12  3h6m

episode 9: "Thanks, pop!"

An Overnight drive made to fit neatly in between church and the Super Bowl. You'll still have plenty of time to cry silently in the bathroom, no worries. This week we talk Megabus, Facebook conflicts, penis malfunctions and more. At one point, the l...


 2013-02-03  1h11m

episode 8: Prescription Tetris

The classic OK Cupid switcheroo. Video games. Fake tits. You can expect all this and more in Overnight Drive Episode 8. Our Skype gets all Skypey halfway through, so if I am unnecessarily quiet, it's because I am playing Skyrim and only pretending to l...


 2013-01-26  1h11m

episode 7: "Just kidding! Not stillborn!"

Seven weeks in, and Hans has still not had women throw themselves at him for doing a podcast. I am starting to think our listeners are mostly men. WEIRD. This week we get heavy on the little jerks who had better toys than us, talk conspiracies, recap ...


 2013-01-19  1h12m

episode 6: The Other Ian Stewart

Glory Hole scissors, mineralwasser, Tumblr questions, Snoopy's cousin Spike, the virginity story. We bring you 48 flavors in just over an hour. Leave a review, and please tell your weird friend. 


 2013-01-12  1h16m

episode 5: Sit by the Creepy Fire

Well, ancient Mayans, you have let us down yet again. We are still here, eating bags of Doritos as meals and dodging calls from creditors. Good job, guys. On the positive side of things, we are back with another episode of Overnight Drive. In our firs...


 2013-01-06  1h7m