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episode 10: Troubleshooting And Alerting On Kubernetes

In this episode, Michael catches up with Natan Yellin, CEO of Michael and Ned chat about how logging and troubleshooting works in Kubernetes today. They discuss three stages of troubleshooting evolution - manual playbooks,


 2022-09-29  39m

episode 9: Kubernetes Automation And Repeatability

In this episode, host Michael Levan talks with Ned Bellavance about why orchestration is important in today’s world, how the HashiCorp stack (primarily Terraform and Vault) fit into Kubernetes, and more.


 2022-09-15  35m

episode 8: Go - The Language Of Kubernetes

In this episode, Michael catches up with Josh Duffney, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft to talk about Go (golang). Kubernetes, Docker, and Terraform are all written in Go. Josh and Michael talk about their journey into Kubernetes and Go,


 2022-09-01  24m

episode 7: Kubernetes From Beginner To Advanced

Learning Kubernetes isn't easy. In fact, there are so many places to start that people literally don’t know where to begin. Do they learn Kubernetes security? Networking? Infrastructure? Development? Michael Levan catches up with Kevin Evans and Robin ...


 2022-08-18  34m

episode 6: The Impact Of Kubernetes On DevOps Teams

Kubernetes is hard. Regardless of what tech marketing says, DevOps teams are still trying to implement and figure out this whole Kubernetes thing. With multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-prem Kubernetes implementations,


 2022-08-04  39m

episode 5: Serverless Kubernetes In Azure

Since the inception of Kubernetes, the goal has been to make our lives as engineers easier. But with great power comes great responsibility---which in this case is the need to manage a bunch of control planes and worker nodes!


 2022-07-21  26m

episode 4: Pros And Cons Of Using Terraform With Kubernetes

On today's Kubernetes Unpacked podcast we explore tradeoffs that come with using Terraform to manage Kubernetes. My guest is Luke Orellana, an SRE who uses Kubernetes. He's also a HashiCorp Ambassador. We also discuss differences between managing VMs a...


 2022-07-15  27m

episode 3: Beginner Lab Environments For Learning Kubernetes

Today's Kubernetes Unpacked podcast explores entry-level lab environments for IT professionals interested in learning Kubernetes, including suggestions for simple container-based apps you can run to get familiar with Kubernetes essentials.


 2022-06-23  27m

episode 2: Tackling Container Management And Kubernetes Complexity

In this episode, Michael Levan chats with Neil Cresswell, CEO and Co-Founder of They talk about the challenges of Kubernetes and how everyone is trying to navigate its complexities. They also dive into Kubernetes security, networking,


 2022-06-09  32m

episode 1: Prerequisites For Kubernetes Success

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Kubernetes Unpacked, a new podcast in the Packet Pushers Community Channel. The goal of this podcast is to help IT professionals understand Kubernetes: how it works; how and why it's used; how to deploy, operate,


 2022-05-26  25m