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Network Neighborhood 04: We The Sales Engineers With Ramzi Marjaba

In this episode of Network Neighborhood, we welcome Ramzi Marjaba, Hybrid Senior Sales Engineer at Ixia Solutions Group at Keysight Technologies. Ramzi is also the creative power behind,


 2019-11-21  50m

Network Neighborhood: Corporate Communications And The IT Community With Dana Iskoldski

On today's Network Neighborhood we talk with Dana Iskoldski, Corporate Communications Manager at BlueCat Networks. We discuss the role of corporate comms in tech, how the position straddles marketing and community engagement,


 2019-09-25  55m

Network Neighborhood – Lab Every Day With Du’An Lightfoot

Du'An Lightfoot stops by the Network Neighborhood podcast to talk about #LabEveryDay, continuous learning, how his military experiences influenced his tech journey, how he's tackling automation, the role of community in tech, and more.


 2019-07-09  32m

Day Two Cloud 006: Dealing With The Unknown Unknowns Of Building Cloud Applications

Today's Day Two Cloud podcast looks at how one developer dealt with surprises and unexpected issues that arose as his company built CMS application on Azure, including storage problems, user identity quirks, and more.


 2019-04-03  38m

Network Neighborhood – Meet Denise “Fish” Fishburne

Denise "Fish" Fishburne chats with Ethan Banks. The conversation covers being arrested at 19 for DUI, being gay in the corporate world of the 80's and 90's, overcoming the challenge of being easily bored, teaching without ego,


 2019-03-26  47m

Day Two Cloud 005: Building A Startup In The Cloud Is Easy, Right?

Today’s Day Two Cloud episode is all about the realities of building a startup in the cloud era. Guest Adam Bertram shares his experiences launching a startup using cloud services such as Trello, Zapier, and Lambda; discusses why good APIs matter; and ...


 2019-03-20  34m

Day Two Cloud 004: How To Optimize Cloud For Cost And Performance Without Going Insane

Your monthly cloud bill can be shocking. On today's Day Two Cloud we talk with Iris Classon about how to optimize your cloud deployment for cost without killing performance--i.e., how to keep customers and finance happy without going insane.


 2019-03-08  36m

Day Two Cloud 003: Building And Automating A Private Cloud Underlay

On today's Day Two Cloud podcast, we discuss how to build a robust infrastructure to support your private cloud, and how to add a layer of automation to the underlay with Digital Rebar, an open-source project. My guest is Rob Hirschfeld.


 2019-02-20  38m

Day Two Cloud 002: How To Do Cloud Right

The promises of the public cloud are both tantalizing and frightening. On today's Day Two Cloud podcast we talk about how to do cloud right to maximize success, while also not putting yourself out of a job. Our guest is Kenny Lowe,


 2019-02-06  38m

Day Two Cloud 001: Building A Business On Azure

Welcome to the first episode of Day Two Cloud, a new podcast that punctures the marketing hype and digs into the real work required to make the public cloud work for you. My guest Tim Warner walks us through a real-world application migration to Azure ...


 2019-01-23  38m