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Infotrek Episode 4: Small Shop Design Part 2

The Infotrek podcast is back with part 2 of its small shop design episode, covering compute, storage, collaboration & security.


 2016-06-13  n/a

The Next Level: Mindfulness And IT Part 2

On today's episode of the Next Level we continue the discussion about the benefits of mindfulness in the context of an IT profession, including how it can improve interactions with colleagues and boost work performance.


 2016-04-07  n/a

Infotrek Episode 3: Small Shop Design Part 1

In this Infotrek episode, we talk about network design elements and options for small businesses with guest Steven Sedory.


 2016-04-05  n/a

The Next Level: Agile Networking Part 1

Agile is a set of principles for software development, but its values and goals can be generally applied in other contexts. This episode explores how to use Agile concepts for IT infrastructure projects and to foster better collaboration.


 2016-03-29  n/a

Infotrek Episode 2: Getting Started In Programming

In this episode of Infotrek we talk about the future of engineer skill sets and who may or may not benefit from learning how to write code.


 2016-03-23  n/a

The Next Level: Mindfulness And IT

On this episode of the Next Level we talk about mindfulness and what it means to IT performance, and whether mindfulness benefits such as relaxation and focus can be separated from its spiritual context.


 2016-03-22  n/a

The Next Level: Employee, Freelancer, Entrepreneur

Ready to jump off the corporate treadmill? On The Next Level we discuss the joys and perils of life as an employee, freelancer, and entrepreneur.


 2016-03-15  n/a

Infotrek Podcast Episode 1: Redundancy

The Infotrek podcast debuts with a discussion of infrastructure redundancy, including when it should and shouldn't be used, implementation challenges, redundancy testing, and more.


 2016-03-09  n/a

The Next Level: Challenges Aligning IT And The Business

Denise Donohue and Russ White stop by The Next Level podcast to share strategies to better align network design and technology choices with business requirements.


 2016-03-08  n/a

The Next Level: Training And Skills

In this episode of The Next Level we focus on a variety of options for training and skills to help us keep up with new technology and advance our careers. Joining us is Colleen Morrissey, Senior Network Engineer and Adjunct Lecturer.


 2016-02-24  n/a