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NB479: Solar Storm Survival; Cisco’s Sinking Revenue Doesn’t Dampen Wall Street

Take a Network Break! This week we discuss what IBM and Palo Alto Networks get out of a deal for Palo Alto Networks to buy the SaaS version of the QRadar SIEM from IBM, why LogRhythm is merging with…



HN734: Russ White Hour Part 2: Snowflakes and Network Automation

Welcome to the second part of our interview with friend of the podcast, Russ White. We start our conversation with a listener question about VXLAN/EVPN which acts as a springboard for what Russ…



IPB151: What Changed Alexandra Huides’ Mind about IPv6

Alexandra Huides didn’t like IPv6 on her first encounter with it. Today she is globally renowned for spreading the IPv6 gospel and helping AWS customers adopt it. Alexandra joins the show today to s…



NAN063: The Team Behind Nautobot (Part 2) – The Benefits of Technical Writing

Curious about what it takes to write a technical book as a network engineer? You’re in luck. The team behind Nautobot is also the team behind the book “Network Automation with Nautobot: Adopt a net…



PP014: Good Threat Hunting

Have you ever noticed “threat hunting” in vendor products and wondered exactly what it means? James Williams is here to explain: Threat hunting is the R&D of detection engineering. A threat hun…



HW027: Radiation and Other WLAN Challenges at Nuclear Power Plants

Evaluating wireless use cases at a nuclear power plant is a little bit different than your average industrial job, starting with the stripdown to put on plant-provided clothing. Ferney Munoz joins…



NB478: More AI Assistants Emerge; Dell Tracks Hybrid Workers’ Office Attendance

Take a Network Break! We begin the episode with some follow-up on edge AI chips, whether Packet Pushers should start a dedicated AI channel, and a clarification on AWS and VMware. On the news front,…



HN733: Russ White Hour: IS-IS vs OSPF and a Deep Dive into Ethernet Adapters

We turn the nerd meter up to eleven on today’s episode with longtime friend of the show, Russ White. First we dive into how an Ethernet adapter knows when a link is lost, where Russ teaches us all a…



KU055: KubeCon EU Review

Kristina attended KubeCon EU in March and she’s still trying to process it all. In today’s episode, Michael interviews her about what stood out most to her. They dive into the conference’s heavy emph…



D2C242: Data Engineering and its Streams, Rivers, and Lakes

Keith Gregory teaches us about data engineering in a way DevOps folks (and hydrologists) can understand. He explains that the role of a data engineer is to create pipelines to transport data from…