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Heavy Networking 554: Mistaking Commercial Software For A Security Blanket

Today's Heavy Networking talks about the tradeoffs between commercial and open source software. While open source takes time and effort to make work, is commercial software any better? Guest Daniel Teycheney is here for the debate.


 2020-12-11  53m

Day Two Cloud 078: Cloud Economics Are Ridiculous

Corey Quinn stops by the Day Two Cloud podcast to explore the complicated world of understanding and managing cloud costs, CapEx vs OpEx, cloud lock-in, and other tricky issues. Corey is Chief Cloud Economist at Duckbill Group.


 2020-12-09  57m

BiB099: Isovalent Brings You Cilium Enterprise

Isovalent is essentially a commercially supported flavor of Cilium, although it’s more than that. Isovalent is offering Cilium Enterprise, which adds more capability to the Cilium Community project. Is there enough “more” to make you want to invest in ...


 2020-12-08  4m

Network Break 313: Salesforce Snaps Up Slack; HPE To Decamp For Houston

This week's Network Break analyzes the implications of Salesforce's Slack acquisition, discusses why HPE is moving its HQ to Houston, new ASICs from Broadcom, the distastefulness of Dell selling security add-ons for its supply chain,


 2020-12-07  39m

Heavy Networking 553: Why Does BGP Need Link State?

Hannes Gredler stops by the Heavy Networking virtual studios to educate us on what BGP-LS is, the problems it aims to solve, how it differs from segment routing, and whether the industry is loading too many features onto the back of the BGP workhorse.


 2020-12-04  50m

Tech Bytes: ThousandEyes Expands Visibility Into Modern App Architectures (Sponsored)

Today's Tech Bytes peers into cloud visibility with sponsor ThousandEyes. The company is improving its platform with multi-service views, Internet and hybrid cloud visibility, SD-WAN monitoring, and more. The goal is to give you a more comprehensive pi...


 2020-12-02  16m

Day Two Cloud 077: Why Kubernetes Is Wrong For You

Kubernetes seems like a shining paragon of Ops efficiency, but the reality of running it is quite different. Is your organization up to the task? Is Kubernetes the thing you actually want or need? In this Day Two Cloud episode we talk to Cory O’Daniel ...


 2020-12-02  48m

Network Break 312: AWS Kneecapped By Kinesis; Linux Unlikely For Apple M1

The latest Network Break episode explores AWS's pre-Thanksgiving outage and the lack of fallout, discusses a new AWS firewall service, reports on why Linus Torvalds isn't holding his breath on seeing Linux run on Apple's new M1 SoC,


 2020-11-30  44m

Heavy Networking 552: How Fortinet Enables Multi-Vendor Security Integration (Sponsored)

On today's Heavy Networking, sponsored by Fortinet, we dive into a variety of topics including a multiplicity of edges that require connectivity and security (WAN edge, LAN edge, cloud edge, remote edge, etc.),


 2020-11-27  38m

Day Two Cloud 076: A Curated KubeCon And CloudNativeCon Roundup

On today's Day Two Cloud we review announcements and make our observations of the KubeCon and CloudNativeCon North America 2020 virtual event. That includes a new Kubernetes certification, the results of a Cloud Native survey,


 2020-11-25  53m