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episode 156: This Is Why Dating Sucks For Men (And How To Fix It)

Let's be honest: dating can be a trial. For a lot of men, dating isn't something you enjoy, it's something you endure. From trying to meet women, to getting a number, to actually getting women out on a date... it's more like pulling teeth than meeting...


 2020-12-09  27m

episode 155: The 5 Things That Make People Like You... Instantly

The most magnetic, charming and well liked people aren't popular because of their looks, their money, or their bodies. People like them because of they make others feel and the value that they bring into other peoples' lives. These 5 qualities will...


 2020-11-19  24m

episode 154: Building Incredible Emotional Strength And Powerful Confidence

Right now, we are living through the most stressful, even outright traumatic year that most of have ever faced in our lives. Even if you’re in a relatively good place, we’re all getting hit with bad news, more stories of police violence, political...


 2020-11-05  25m

episode 153: The Secret to Healthier, Stronger Relationships

Have you struggled with relationships that were bad for you? Maybe you’ve been in a toxic relationship with somebody who was always manipulating you into ways of getting what they wanted, leaving you feeling like a doormat. Maybe you had friends who...


 2020-10-21  27m

episode 152: This Is What Nobody Tells You About Having ADHD

Growing up, I knew I was struggling with things that other people seemed to be able to do without a second thought. I thought I was just lazy, that I needed to be more disciplined and to take things more seriously. But it never worked, and I never...


 2020-10-07  27m

episode 151: The 5 Things You Need To Know About Dating

The #1 reason why so many men struggle with dating is very simple: they don't know what it takes to be successful with women. Attraction isn't a checklist; having all the right "stats" isn't going to magically make you attractive to women. Learning to...


 2020-09-24  22m

episode 150: Stop Being Afraid of Rejection

Rejection hurts... but the fear of rejection can often hurt even worse. In fact, when we give into the fear of rejection, we often set up a pattern that can affect us throughout our lives. Rejections we've experienced in the past can end up...


 2020-09-09  23m

episode 149: How Do You Know She's Right For You?

What makes one relationship last, while another falls apart? Why do you seem to have found your dream relationship, only to have it turn into a nightmare? Your partner may seem perfect, but it takes more than shallow commonalities to make a...


 2020-08-27  23m

episode 148: What Avatar: The Last Airbender Can Teach Us About Finding Redemption

It's very easy to feel like you’re forever going to be defined by your worst decisions or your biggest mistakes. But while you can't change your past, you can change your future. By examining one of the best redemption arcs in modern media, we...


 2020-08-13  26m

episode 147: How To Talk to Anyone (At Any Time)

One reason why a lot of guys have a hard time meeting women is because they’ve put ALL of their focus on ONLY talking to women, and even then, only women that they’re attracted to. The truth is that the most popular and socially successful men —...


 2020-07-23  16m