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episode 107: Who REALLY Holds The Power In Dating?

The power dynamics of dating directly affect your dating success. But who REALLY holds the power when it comes to dating? Why do so many people get the power dynamic of dating wrong and what's the REAL power when it comes to love, sex and romance?



episode 106: Did #MeToo RUIN Flirting?

Did the #MeToo movement change flirting forever? Can men no longer approach women? What makes the difference between flirting and harassment in this day and age?



episode 105: Is Masculinity A Mental Illness?

Don’t forget: I’m taking your questions for the NerdLoveLine special! Call (512) 522-6513 and leave a voicemail with your question! The American Psychological Association updated it's guidelines for the treatment of boys and men to say...



episode 104: How To Keep Going (Even When It Feels Pointless)

Don't forget: I'm taking your questions for the NerdLoveLine special! Call (512) 522-6513 and leave a voicemail with your question! Tell me if this has ever happened to you: you’ve started off trying to make some major change your life. You want to...


 2019-01-03  19m

episode 103: Offset, Cardi B. and The Wrong Way To Win Back Your Ex

There are the right ways of getting back with your ex. And then there are the wrong ways. And then there’s what Offset did to Cardi B., which is one of the most astoundingly stupid ways of trying to get your ex back. Here's why those "grand romantic...


 2018-12-20  14m

episode 102: Is Masturbation Bad For You? Understanding The NoFap Movement

To fap or not to fap... that is the question. Are there health benefits to giving up masturbation? Is porn addiction a real thing? And just what is the NoFap movement, anyway? It’s time talk about sex with someone you love… yourself.


 2018-12-06  20m

episode 101: This is Why You Can't Get Over Her

Friends, do you suffer from uncontrollable longing for someone who barely knows you’re alive? Are you unable to get over that break up, even after months or years? Do you have the sinking feeling that nobody in the world could be as right for you or...


 2018-11-29  16m

episode 100: Is She Flirting or Just Being Friendly?

How do you tell the difference between when someone's flirting with you and just being polite? And why are we so bad at telling the two apart in the first place?


 2018-11-22  13m

episode 99: Let's Talk About Toxic Femininity

One of the subjects I come back to fairly often is the idea of toxic masculinity. It’s something that I personally feel is important to talk about because of how much it directly affects men and makes our lives that much harder and that much worse....


 2018-11-15  18m

episode 98: How To Build A Lifestyle That Attracts Amazing Women

When we talk about being more attractive to women, we tend to focus on the surface. We talk about how to dress, what to say, how to act. But that’s the polish, the sizzle, not the substance. It may get people's attention, but without any substance...


 2018-11-08  15m