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The Pain Information Network is a resource to better understand pain, why we hurt, and what we can do about it. The latest diagnostic, therapeutic, and research is discussed by experts in the field of pain control strategies and treatment.

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episode 2: Older Folks, Part 2

What to expect as we age....



episode 1: Older Folks Part 1

Pain and the ageing population



Meds In A New Era

We have 3 crisis- Pain, Opioid, Virus. How will you get and respond to your pain control needs. A start to understanding where and how.....


 2020-05-09  26m

episode 152: Covid Cases

Talking about the new world... How we approach the daily challenges of access to care, and taking care of you. Where there is adversity, there is advantage.....


 2020-04-25  42m

Covid Cases

How we see the medical necessity of acting in the patients' best interest. Uncharted territory, we're figuring this out and with rigorous attention to safety for all....


 2020-04-24  35m

Don't Live In Fear, Don't Practice In Fear

Stinking virus, not to keep us down


 2020-03-22  20m

Oxy, And The Other Oxy, Oxy, CBD?, Autism?

This is a podcast from the car. Of course, ending at Publix. Oxytocin, oxycodone, CBD, Autism? Let's see where this goes.....


 2020-03-12  19m

Low Dose Naltrxone- Fibro, Neuropathy, Novel Pain Control

Podcast from a car. This med has potential for tough pain control states, and may be one of the few drugs with a high risk/reward relationship at a reasonable cost..... check it out


 2020-03-11  22m

 2020-02-12  n/a

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