Palaeo After Dark

A group of scientists have biweekly informal discussions about evolutionary biology and palaeontology... over beer.

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Podcast 9 - Diania solid

This week we talk about a controversial worm-like Cambrian fossil called Diania cactiformis that some think may be the ancestor of all arthropods, and other people think those people are crazy.   Also SNAAAAAAAAAAAKE!


 2013-06-30  1h1m

Podcast 8 - References

On this week's episode, we discuss the science of ichnology (the study of trace fossils), and for some reason we can't stop making stupid pop culture references.


 2013-06-16  1h43m

Podcast 7 - Fish Lizards

In this episode Amanda writes Freddy Mercury slash fiction, Randol condones eating babies, James feeds the 5000, Curt has a conversation which only involves "meh"'s, and the group kind-of/sort-of discusses ichthyosaurs.


 2013-06-02  1h29m

Podcast 6 - Space Ducks

In this podcast, Randol invents a cat related song, James reinvents the story of the Ed Fitz, Amanda talks about space ducks, Curt cuts the entire conversation short for chinese food, and the group actually talks science about...


 2013-05-19  1h16m

Podcast 5 - Pikaia Pikaia Pikaia

Today we are joined by our pal Paula and talk about Pikaia, Pokemon... and poop.


 2013-05-05  1h35m

Podcast 4 - Wreck of the E.F.

In this week's podcast, Amanda spends the first four minutes talking about shipwrecks, James and Randol discuss their creepy new children's program, and nearly everyone gets distracted when a squirrel runs by the window. We...


 2013-04-22  1h36m

Podcast 3 - Growing Pains

In this week's podcast we discuss the importance of ontogeny and development in the evolution of new body forms. Also alimony.


 2013-04-07  1h5m

Podcast 2 - Clocklike Clocks

This week's podcast we eventually get to talking about Molecular Clock studies dealing with early divergence times and the colonization of land... Also Christopher Lambert


 2013-03-25  2h2m

Podcast 1 - The Interpretive Dance

In which we eventually get to talking about interpretations of ambiguous fossils, and discuss a redescription of a strange fish.


 2013-03-11  1h50m

Podcast 0 - Taphonomy is a Process

Our pilot episode which originally was conceived as a companion piece to Palaeocast. Since this was our first run, we all apologize for the lack of pop filters. Otherwise, enjoy the discussion of taphonomy which begins with burying...


 2013-03-11  1h46m